color my life.

lately i've been.  . .

// breathing //  yes. that is exactly what i'm doing. Between a second cousin from France, (detailed post coming ASAP!) graduation parties, bonfires, coffee breaks, and sewing for a wedding I'm in next week. . .I'm taking a moment to just breathe. and smile at the busyness. This, after all. . .is exactly the way I like life. Bursting with activity, good memories, and ok. . .even a few setbacks.

// listening // right now? to absolutely nothing. but for the past couple of days, just for sanity as i sew, its been Andrea Bocelli and soundtracks and Two Steps from Hell. especially Merchant Prince.

// thinking // about the piles of fabric that i somehow have to spin into bridesmaids dresses. (note, as of today, they are complete! all they need are zippers and hemming. and they look good. ecstatic much?  :) )

// planning // a trip to Europe. tentatively. like, next year.

// plotting // idea's for the book my sister and i are writing. it's dystopian and dark in a good way, if that makes sense. question: would a book centered around a young widowed father and his 9 year old daughter interest teenagers?

// missing // my cousin Manu'.

// grateful // for family, friends-who-are-like-family, Evernote, tea, air conditioning, freedom, beautiful stories, late-night brainstorming, cats, food, music, Pinterest, and fangirling-for-stress-relief.

// anticipating // being in my first wedding.

// embracing // who i am. as i recently said on facebook:  "As long as we as Christians are serving Christ and honoring Him, it doesn't matter what others think. We all say it, but insecurity and human nature frequently prevents it. Coming to this point has freed me and given me more confidence than I've ever known. I'm empowered, in a sense. God knows my heart, He made my heart. What others think or want to think no longer has a grip on my identity. God does. Opinions don't shape me. Gossip doesn't shape me. God does. Praising Jesus today for His lessons and the harsh reality of life. I'm unique. Sometimes I'm radical. I'm definitely passionate. Eccentric? Maybe. But I'm also a child of God, and ultimately, that is all that matters." 

// loving // sister-conversations that open the heart and reveal so much. talking until midnight, crying, laughing, and growing in each others company. 

// pinning // pink everything. from furniture to hair to poofy dresses and matching heels. also light and cityscapes and waves and beach-weddings and Bucky Barnes. i haven't mentioned him lately, right? 

// crazy // about Jesus and the life He's given me. it isn't perfect, i'm not perfect. . .but i am looking toward the future with new purpose. it's a giddy feeling.

// writing // novel ideas. one thing that i love about being a writer is how a story starts one way. . .maybe with a completely random thought. . .and develops, all on it's own. 

// watching // The Twilight Zone. almost daily. honestly, stop laughing. . .that isn't geeky at all.

// blessed // by people. friends who check on me even when i'm too busy for phone-calls and visits. beautiful young ladies like Maddie--a kindred spirit, though we haven't met in person. i love ya, girly!

// wearing // haha. . .should i tell you? what, you really want to know? fine. an ugly old red tee shirt, black maxi skirt, zero makeup. . .and a messy bun. there. now you know how i dress in the house. 

// dreaming // about sunset walks to the pier. something magical happened when the waves grew calm,  the sky turned pink and orange, and the crabs came out to play. i couldn't understand how anyone could walk in the sand when there was all that water. wet feet = happy Michaela.

// guilty // of indulging in butter coffee. every day. curious? i'll be posting more soon. 

// reading // you know, i'm not actually reading anything right now? it's a crime. . .but Divergent has two holds besides mine at the library. . .and that is the next book on my reading schedule. 

// quoting //  Vincent Van Gogh : "I would rather die of passion than of boredom."  

// going // to get off the computer. cheerio, and thanks for being so supportive, readers! i appreciate each and every one of you. why don't you leave a comment and share a few random bits of nonsense in your life?


  1. I am busy cleaning up our yard after a huge storm with straight winds that we had. We got tons of trees blown over in our yard. I would love to read a book with a plot like you suggested! It sounds delightful!

    1. Awesome! Thanks so much for the feedback. I'm thinking of writing a more detailed plot-summary and posting it on the blog. It's really shaping up to be an interesting story. :)

  2. The Twilight Zone!!! I love that show! My favorite episode is "The Fear", about the police officer and the woman with anxiety disorder who have to deal with an alien landing ... what's your favorite episode? :-D

    1. Lol. But of course! Because the acting is amazing, it's black and white, the plots are just MIND-BOGGLING. . .what's not to love? ;) Personally, I'm not big on the "space" or alien episodes all that much. One that really sticks out to me though is Mirror Image. Yeah, I tend to go for the creepy. ;) Btw, do you also watch the Alfred Hitchcock Hour??

  3. I miss Manu' too!! ^.^ And I can't wait to hear more about your book! OH MY GOODNESS!! The Twilight Zone?! You are my new favorite person! :P <3

    1. O-k. You spent like two hours with him. :P But I'm happy for you. j/k j/k He made it back home safely, btw. :) And YES, I watch The Twilight Zone. Nerds unite!

    2. Oh my word!!!! :D LOL! I was just kidding! ;) That is good that he got home safely though! :) haha the Twilight Zone is awesome!

  4. Random okay....I love watching Frasier, having tea in a tea cup instead of a mug, I love my coral toe nail polish, and I above all I'm glad my 13 year old niece feels the freedom to talk to me (why yes, I am a cool aunt ;-) ).

    Lovely post. :-)

    1. What is Fraiser? I'm not sure I've heard of it. Love all your random facts! And yes, you ARE a cool aunt. :)

  5. Aww love ya! Yes that sounds like an interesting story- really good! (Can I come on your trip to Europe next year?! :) have fun at the wedding!

    1. Yes Maddie, you may come with me. <3 Love you more! I'm glad you like the story idea. Would it interest you at all if I posted a more detailed plot-line??