Flirting With Juice | 7-day detox

Note--I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, which means I officially survived my detox. :) 

Those of you following me on Instagram know--I am (was) on a 7-day detox/cleanse. Its day number 3. . .and things are getting. . .easier. the first day I thought I might die. lol I'm writing up this post because I have talked about detoxing a couple of times on The Blog, and some of you have asked "so do you follow a detox plan?" Up until now I have said no--but not because I didn't understand detoxing (my sister Anna is the cleaneatingguru.) I'm just. . .you know. . .human. And humans eat things like ice cream, donuts, bread, chocolate. . .and more chocolate. Of course this isn't all the time, because my family tries to eat as organic/natural as possible. But junk food sneaks into busy lives. . .and I've become a fanatic tea drinker in hopes of flushing out my system. It doesn't really work, and is just an excuse to sneak in another cookie. . .or two. This detox challenge is forcing me to exercise willpower and self control. Which is also one of the very Biblical purposes of fasting. Did you know that fasting has more than just spiritual application? God knows that our bodies need to rest, replenish, and purify for healthy, happy lives. Detoxing is the perfect, natural way to do just that.

"Practiced for thousands of years by cultures around the world-- detoxification is about resting, cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins, then feeding your body with healthy nutrients, detoxifying can help protect you from disease and renew your ability to maintain optimum health. These foods will assist in boosting your metabolism, optimizing digestion, while allowing you to lose weight and fortify your immune system." --via

Yeah, so I'm not the biggest fan of Studio C. . .but somehow this vid seemed too appropriate not to post. ;)

The detox challenge I've chosen includes a lot of juice. Hence the title name. :P Carrot juice for breakfast, green smoothie for lunch. . .and lots of chopping. Lets put it this way. . .juicing without a juicer is really difficult, but never fear! It can be done. (Though if you have a juicer and would like to follow this plan. . .crank it up. It will save you a lot of time.) This morning was all about chopping and dicing and chopping again and liquefying my veggies. But I made juice. :P Yesterday it was clumpy and pulpy and could be eaten with a spoon. NOT APPETIZING. I was so tortured by the end of the day, watching my family eating mac and cheese and our world famous, secret (not really) recipe peanut-butter-chocolate-chip-oat-balls. . .I caved. I mean, I actually did it. And now I'm admitting this on the worldwide web. . .it takes guts, people.

I committed a detoxing-crime.

I ate two hard-boiled eggs. 

Listen, I needed something solid. Hey, I stuck to my guns and banished all peanut butter AND chocolate. Willpower. Again. I'm realizing after conference with my health-coach (aka Anna,) that I CAN incorporate a few more detox-friendly things into my diet. . .so tonight I'm going for avocado and the skipping eggs. And who doesn't like avocado?

10 Reasons to detox

Removes toxins.
Prevents chronic disease.
Enhances immune system function.
Encourages weight lose.
Slows premature aging.
Increases energy. 
Improves skin quality.
Helps mental and emotional clarity.
Restores balance to the bodies systems.
Improves quality of life.

Sounds amazing, right? I mean, who doesn't want nice skin, a balanced mind, or a strong immune system? I'm not saying detoxing is a cure-all. But I do think it is a natural way to cleanse and restore. Now, without further rambling, here is my detox-regime in a nutshell

Carrot, Ginger, and Apple Detox Juice 
(drink 2-3 cups for breakfast) 
2 large carrots
 2-3 green apples (do not remove skin)
Small piece of ginger
 ground flax seed

Cut carrots and apples into section and finely dice. Pieces should be as small as you can get them. Put carrots and about a cup of water (more or less,) in food processor. Process until pulpy. Set aside. Do the same with apples and ginger. Dump all ingredients in blender and liquefy, adding water according to your consistency of choice. Blend for about 30 minutes or until smooth. I ended up adding quite a bit of water for a juice vs pulpy-goop consistency. This drink is time consuming, but very yummy. Extra apples help sweeten.

Green Super-food Smoothie 
(drink 2-3 cups for lunch)

Kale (1-2 large leaves)
Spinach (handful)
Half a lemon
1 cucumber OR 2 baby cucumbers
2-3 green apples
Celery (1-2 stalks)

Finely dice all veggies. Chop in food processor (with water) until pulpy, separately for each vegetable. Add to blender with kale, spinach, parsley, and lemon. Liquefy. Drink as much as you want. This is my favorite green-smoothie recipe by far! I'm feeling like a detox-guru, peoples! ;) Now that I've mastered HOW to juice without a juicer, I'm whipping up all kinds of raw treats. This smoothie has a nice balance of sweet and tangy. Its surprisingly filling, too. 

I finish up with a HUGE salad for dinner. The smoothies are filling, but you'll be ready, trust me. Don't skimp here. . .you can literally eat salad all evening, and you'll want to be prepared for late-night snack cravings. For dressing, try a classic oil and vinegar. Don't forget to include some good, healthy fats to balance everything out, such as flax, olive oil, or chia seeds. Other great toppers include almonds, avocados, basil, broccoli, cranberries, ginger, beets, blueberries, olive oil, and lemon. Find a list online and pile on those veggies/fruits!

Remember, there are literally hundreds of detox methods and programs out there. Experiment, and have fun! Just keep in mind--"fasting" or cleansing does NOT mean starving yourself. Do your research! Its also very helpful to have support from family or friends. Maybe grab a parent or sibling or keep a journal of your progress. Whatever the case, if you do give it a try, let me know! I think you'll be amazed at how your body feels, how your cravings expire, how you aren't reaching for another Hershey Kiss. 

Happy road to health.*~


  1. You go girl! Now I want to try this- if not just to practice will power :) Glad to have you 'back' (I've missed you). Excuse me while I go try to find you on Instagram :)
    Love you! xoxo