Awk & Awe Thursday | a tall highlander in an orange beanie, eating shawarma.

Hello, lovelies! So it's been ages since I've done an Awkward/Awesome post, and come to think of it, this is my very first on this blog. I just came in from cutting the grass. . .one of my "thinking times." (The other is in the shower. ;) ) You know, musing on the blog and how it's about time to put up another post--and then I remembered all the incredibly awkward happenings of the past month. And this post was born. So, go ahead and laugh--but if you are remotely human, you too are occasioned with bumbling, ungraceful, awkward moments. Unless you are one of those boring perfect people. You know the kind I mean. ;) And so I challenge you--be brave. Leave me a comment-full of your awkwardness. . .and I'll try not to giggle. Much.

Some insight from Johnny Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean Character Captain Jack Sparrow. Lovingly mad...


  • To start things off, how about this very minute? Just in from cutting the grass, sweaty, feet stained green (I wore flip-flops,) desperately in need of a shower--and I absolutely had to stop life to write up this post before I forget it all. So there's that.

  •  Being hit on by 50-60 year old men. Can anyone spell A-W-K-W-A-R-D? Or should that be C-R-E-E-P-Y? Yeah. Not sure what it is. . .but I'm mildly horrified. Maybe I'm starting to look my age? (um. . .even creepier.) Or maybe I'm just too friendly. You had to think that. Stop it, ok?

  • On the maybe-I'm-looking-my-age note, just the other night a stranger was explaining something to my mom and said--"so when they" (gesturing to me and my sisters,) "start getting into highschool. . ." Wait, what? My youngest sister is 13. I am 24. There is an issue here.

  • Shaking someones out-stretched hand after a dance. . .(because what else could that mean?) . . .then realizing they were trying to lead you off the dance floor. Yeeaahh.

  • Working on a blog post in the "quiet room" of the library, (quiet, key word,) when the older gentleman two computers down suddenly announces, "wow you type fast. . .have you ever considered a job as a courtroom reporter?" um, no. And then he won't stop talking and asking questions. . . which puts you in a predicament, because, how do I say "um, sir? Can you read that sign? It says no speaking at any time." 

  • Painting the garage on a caster-oil-day. Meaning, the days I drench my hair in oil and let it sit for 2-4 hours of more. Usually this takes place in the house, when I'm busy cleaning and won't be seen by humans. Well, the garage really did need painting, and there really wasn't another available day. So out I marched, bedecked in tee shirt, shorts, and an orange beanie. Heaven help those poor, innocent neighbors. At least they didn't suspect (besides my obvious mental state,) the wet-rat hair and grocery bag under the beanie. 

  • Screaming whenever a spider crawled from its hideaway in the garage. (I won't mention jumping and shaking out my clothes like a possessed thing. Nope, not mentioning that.) I can handle snakes, most bugs, and mice. . .but I register complete terror when I see a spider. My hair stands on end and I get literal chills. . .especially with the chubby and hairy varieties.

  • Finding this note on my tablet"Dear Michaela, My name is Jamie. I've been watching you for awhile now, and truly admire you. I hope this doesn't come off creepy, but would you be interested in meeting me at the corner coffee shop tomorrow at noon? I'm the tall highlander that sits at the last computer." Oh my word--FREAK OUT MOMENT. I read it out loud. Once, twice. All I could think was the computer-guy at the library. I was being stalked.  Um. Actually, I just have a sister that knows exactly how to prey on my gullibility.  :P Not funny, Anna. Though come to think about it. . . .tall highlander isn't a bad deal. 

  • Getting shawarma for the first time--(because, duh, its so Avengers, and I was seeing the movie that evening. . .have to create some mood, right? At least, I like too.)--and asking the owner "so what is shawarma, exactly?" He gave me a 10 minute talk on the history of shawarma. Its origins, the types of meats they use, the difference between the American and Middle Eastern versions. Quite interesting, really. Especially since I love different cultures and food is my obsession. But you know, ten minutes. ;) For those of you still wondering, it is this amazing flat-bread wrap, filled with all sorts of yummy ingredients like chicken, steak, and veggies. I justified the gluten for one afternoon because of the movie. Legit, right? 


  • The younger girlies at church. They are my buddies.   I don't know about you, but if I had a choice, I'd rather hang out with little kids than peers. I mean, what isn't there to love about hooking arms with your favorite 11 and 12 year olds and picking apart Marvel films? 

  • Downton Abbey. I mentioned it ever-so-briefly in my last post, but oh my goodness! I'm obsessed with this show! Just started the second season. Carson. Anna and Bates.  Matthew. Branson.  So much to love.

  • Sermons and radio programs that seem especially for me, especially when I need to hear them. My new goal is to "get out of God's way." If you haven't, listen to Chris Fabry Live (the 2/19/15 episode.) I hope you are as blessed as I was!

  • Beyond the Mask. Not sure if I've mentioned it on this blog, but Beyond the Mask is an Independent film my mom, sister, and I were privileged to work on as extras and on the costume team. It was cool (and a bit awkward, ;) ) seeing myself and so many people I know on the big screen. Awesome, quality-made movie! Go see it, (coming to theaters in June) and be sure to write and tell me what you think! 

  • Helping pack for a friend who's moving. Not only did we get nearly 50 boxes packed, but it was such a lovely day of chatting, tea, and raiding her ginormous movie library. I came away with the first season of Downton, a cool period drama called From Time To Time, Ladies and Lavender, Barbie (don't judge, :P ) and Guardians of the Galaxy. Yes, I am a renowned Marvel fanatic, and I haven't seen Guardians yet. o.O 

  •  Making sushi. This should almost go in the awkward category, with the rice that turned into mush, throwing away the first batch. . .yeah, we won't go there. :P But in the end.  . .I think I was 90% close to perfecting the art of sushi making. Fine, I'm exaggerating, but it looked like sushi. Now to work on flavor. . .

  • Last but certainly not least, seeing God work in my life. The health issues I've been facing are a constant battle, but I'm learning to trust my Jesus more, every day. He has me, He has YOU. There is a plan and a purpose for everything under Heaven. Even in the hardest times, its a comfort to know that I am in the palm of His hand. He never leaves. ♥ 

Your turn! Take my challenge above and comment with the Awkward and Awesome happenings of the last day, week, or month. Better yet, write up a blog post of your own, and be sure to share the link! Happy Thursday. :)  


  1. Oh, I love this post. I really wish I could hang out with you in person... we could have hair-soaking-in-oil days while we rave about our favorite super heroes and Downton Abbey characters (while freaking out about the fact spiders that spiders exist)... sound good to you? :-)

    One of the most awkward things for me recently was running right into a sign in the Costco parking lot... after seeing it and making a mental note to duck when I came near it... seriously, I walked RIGHT INTO IT. I don't know if it's being pregnant or just my general clumsiness, but I've been bumping into things, nearly falling, etc. SO MUCH. Hope that at least made you giggle. ;-)


    1. hehe. . .oh, that would be soooo much fun! We'd have an absolute blast. And probably frighten people to death with our fangirling and silliness. ;) I think it needs to happen. ^_^

      Oh my word! So hilarious. :P Sounds like something I would do. lol Thanks for being "brave," and sharing!

  2. Oh, Michaela! This post made me laugh out loud, which I absolutely love! You know that tickle that starts at your toes and just can't be contained? Well, thanks for giving me a good chuckle! :)
    What's really awkward is that I can't really think of anything awkward in my life....or perhaps my entire life is awkward?... One thing I learnt to never do again is driving while wearing my orthodontic headgear- talk about creepy for the fellow drivers occupying the roads! (I am 23 but look 16 and with headgear....not a year over 13. and last time I checked, 13-year olds are not supposed to be driving. ;P)

    Loved your humorous way of writing!!! Even about every day situations!

    By the way, are you going to Michigan next week? 'Cause my sister (assistant costume designer for BTM) is going up and she needs to meet you! :)

    1. Awww, that makes me so very happy, Marjo! <3 <3

      I don't think I'm going to be able to make it to MI this time. Super bummed, but there is a lot of stuff going on right now, especially with our house (trying to put it up on the market.)

      Funny story, btw! ;)

      Much love and blessings*~

  3. I usually have plenty of awkward, but it is usually just plain, average boring awkward.

    I HAVE been kinda of hit on by an old man. One of my jobs is a receptionist in a men's hair shop. I have gotten the "oh, you want my number joke" usually by old men; all the young ones are too young, taken, or think this .The weirdest was this 60+ man, maybe 2 years ago telling, me that I was a cute as a button and saying something like if he was 20 years younger he would be quite ready to date me. I was thinking "Ew, and you would still be too old (I was around 22, and he could not have been less than 60!)!"

    As for today. I was quite close to heading to work with a different earring in each ear.

    1. Sooooo creepy! o.O Lol about your earrings. I went to a wedding once and realized hours later that I was only wearing one earring. Had a mini panic attack, because I NEVER go out without my earrings. . .and looked all over the place for it. It was on the step at home the whole time. :P

  4. I always love reading these Awkward and Awesome posts. Maybe because it makes me realize I'm not the only one who seems to be chased by awkward situations!

    Completely cracked up at the Jack Sparrow quote. ;-)

    Oh my goodness! Your sister actually did that to you?! That's hilarious. ;-) My sisters and I don't usually play nasty pranks on each other....we just do it to other people. Like stealing library dvds from cousins' houses and calling Grandma to answer an add she put in the paper while pretending to be a creepy old man. That was classic. ;-)

    Gaahhhh, I'm just so thrilled you're loving Downton! SEASON TWO IS SO GOOD. The war, and everything. But be warned, Mr. Bates gets into trouble, and he still hasn't got out by the fifth season. (Nothing is ever over for Bates, you'll soon realize.)

    Ladies in Lavender is such an adorable movie! One of my favorites, actually. I hope you like it!

    I'd rather hang out with kids half my age than my peers, too. I learned that when I was in Les Mis, and I clicked much more with the younger kids than the adults (who kind of thought I was something weird anyway, being fifteen and playing Eponine. ;-)) Kids have much more imagination. Plus, I like to feel like a kid again every once in a while. :-)


    1. Yeeeaaaahhh. . .kind of defines our relationship. :P j/k

      I haven't gotten a chance to watch Ladies in Lavender yet. I'm a little concerned about the language. Any thoughts?

      You aren't allowed to say anything negative about Mr. Bates! :P He is a dear, darling man. ^_^ Or maybe that's because I love Higgins from North and South so much. hehe

    2. Ladies in Lavendar is so sweet. There's not much language, that I remember, except for one very brief scene, which is kind of there and gone before you even realize it. Judi Dench and Maggie Smith are legendary together, and the music is gorgeous. ;-)

      No no no, I wouldn't dream of saying anything negative about dear Bates! It's just that there are always people after him about something. Trouble follows him. Just wait, you'll see.

    3. Ok, so I actually went ahead and watched Ladies in Lavender last night. . .and I thought it was really creepy. o.O Of course Judi Dench and Maggie Smith are awesome, but I was so perturbed by their attraction to Andrea! It was. . .really quite disturbing. I did really like Andrea though, and would have be interested in learning more of his background story. Rather disappointing. And the scene with the cuss words was so unnecessary. . .like, it didn't even fit with the rest of the movie.

      Sorry for bashing a movie you obviously love. ;) lol It just was a little weird.

      Weeeellllll Bates was thrown into jail. I'm guessing that's it? o.O Oh dear. . .

  5. Well, yes...I guess the storyline of Ladies in Lavender can come off a little creepy. It's unusual, no doubt about it, but I didn't find it disturbing -- just sweet and sad. I LOVE the ending, though.

    Yeah, Bates is thrown into jail. Like, five times. Poor man, they just won't leave him alone. Wait till you get to season 5!