a wildly western weekend.

So lately life for my sisters and I have been all-things western. ;) We've been going to a local rodeo for three years now, and this Saturday kicked off the first of FIVE this season. Yeehaaaww! I can't begin to explain the thrill I get from the entire atmosphere--the big hats, the chaps, the buckin' bulls, the adrenaline, cheering myself hoarse, the barrel racing, the greasy food, (that I'm technically not allowed to eat. . .but I can smell it, which is almost as good, ;) ) Old glory parading  around the big corral,  standing with dozens of fellow American's to salute our great country, the music, the crazy rodeo clown and his antics that keep us laughing, the announcers thick southern drawl, the western vibe. . .

And the cowboys.
Because. . .you know.

 If you would have been in the bleachers on a Saturday night in a small town of Ohio, you might have seen 5 sisters, eyes peeled for our favorite bull rider, eating piping-hot french fries, dressed in flannel shirts, and screaming our little throats dry. Since you weren't, I'll supply you with a few pictures. Does it no justice, of course, and I am by no means a professional photographer. But I had fun snapping pics of people with Stetson-clad heads and teasing my sisters when they weren't looking. I'm nice like that.

During the summer months I get out of my city-girl mode and become cowgirl/country at heart. Like, right now I've ditched prim and proper for big hats (I searched the boxes in the basement until I found mine,) and braids. Hey, multiple interests are good. I'm also super pumped for my upcoming month in Colorado, where I'll be working on a real live dude ranch. Word.

I'm only going to be a kitchen server (a waitress of sorts, from what I've gathered,) but I have to dress western-esque. So grateful I already have two good-quality hats to bring along. Now I need to score the thrift stores for more flannel and button ups. This summer is goodbye to ultra-frilly Michaela.

Hold it one minute--rodeos in Ohio? Absolutely. Creek Bend Ranch is one of the top breeders of bulls in the country, and cowboys travel far and wide to participate in Buckin' Ohio. I saw a rodeo in California (because out west it has to be that much better,) and I have to say. . .it didn't compare to our small-town Ohio event. I'm proud of my state.

The weekend ended with a much-needed day off from house-prep (we are putting it on the market next week,) at the Columbus Zoo--one of my favorite places to visit. I've always been a sucker for zoos. . .I'm in my element, dragging the rest of the family from one exhibit to the next. Just love it.

{sisters! Not sure why Anna didn't end up in this photo. She was there.}

Did anyone else watch Jack Hanna growing up? If you have, you know that he is the Director Emeritus at the Columbus Zoo. I haven't gotten to meet him yet (he visits the zoo, every so often,) but it is a bucket-list item. Just for sentimental reasons. :) 

{Yeah. . .they caught me. Again. Oh look, and there's Anna (bottom right corner.) Told you she was there. ;) } 

Annndd that capped off a seriously awesome weekend! Now we're back to the grind, painting, painting, and more painting, (praying the house sells right away,) preparing for CO--exciting every day happenings like that. So what about you? Have you been to a rodeo? Leave me a comment telling me what you've been up to this summer.*~


  1. Oh so so so much fun!!!! I /really/ want to go to a rodeo someday! (And thanks for sharing the pictures :) this summer has been lots of schoolwork, lots of growing and first 'job' interview coming up...and then a trip to Colorado! And I know...it's just so much fun putting my country girl hat on. Even if it doesn't fit perfectly ;) and if it makes you feel any better I think of OH as way more 'western than CA ;)

    1. Gahhhhh I wish we could meet up while we're both in Colorado! But alas, the ranch doesn't allow visitors. SO NOT FAIR! You should just come visit me. I mean it. Could you even imagine all the fun we'd have? It would be. . .really crazy. In the best way possible. ;)

      Well, I'm not sure if Ohio is more Western. . .we have a nice mixture of just about everything from hoodlums to rednecks to farmers to preppy college kids. Where I live, there is an odd assortment of yuppy and redneck. Its unique. :P

  2. Oh my goodness, yes! I remember watching him when I was somewhere between 5 and 6!

    1. AWESOME! I don't meet many people who are actually familiar with Jack, which is really sad, because he was one of my childhood idols. I've always loved animals, but wildlife and wildlife adventures have always been fascinating to me. I've never really grown out of it. ;) I think that's why I like the zoo. And the fact that its Jungle Jack Hanna's zoo makes it even better!

  3. I LOVED reading about your rodeo fun, Michaela! I'm 100% there with pretty much anything western. ;-) I've never been to a real rodeo before, but they always have one not far from where I live, so I'm hoping this summer is the one I'll finally get to go.

    Looks like you and your sisters had a wild good time! Nice pictures.


    1. It was such a blast! I'm looking forward to next month's. (I'll have to skip August since I'll be in CO.) Hope you get to make it to the rodeo near you! I don't think you'd regret it. :) :)

    2. Hi again,

      I've tagged you over on my blog, if you're interested. http://allthingsbonnyandbeautiful.blogspot.com/2015/06/sisterhood-award.html