Its been absolutely beeeaaautiful here in Ohio! I feel like I do most of my blogging in the spring, and for good reason. ;) There is something about walking outside for the first time in MONTHS without a coat that is just exhilarating. Joy from my toes all the way up and bursting everywhere. Its like the sunshine has gotten inside of me, and I can't keep it all in. It started raining tonight, but its still warm with that spring-ness in the air. You know what I mean? The sky has taken on a different shade--its a warmer, less icy blue. I wake up to the sound of birds. The sun is smiling and hazy. I can walk my dog without shivering and wanting to die from the cold. (one thing I hate is being cold! Ick.) And I don't have to cover everything up with a heavy coat. I mean, I like my coat, but the freedom of leaving it behind is just. . .amazing. After work the other night I walked out with only my purse, notepad, and apron. My mom was like, "your missing something." Yeah. That cumbersome black thing that's become a permanent part of my being. Ok, maybe that's just a slight exaggeration. ;)

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A lot of stuff has been happening. Blog-worthy stuff. I'll probably never be the kind of blogger that jots down every little detail of every day, but sometimes I get the bug, or LIFE happens, and I feel like digging up the old blog and typing away. I have a small list of things I really want to share--a part 2 of my "beauty hacks," talking about how I cleared my complexion (honestly, my skin has literally never been this clear!) Plus I went to a simply glorious English/Scottish Country Dance a couple of weeks ago and totally re-lived my late teen years. Reconnected with several of my uber-cool film friends, got to wear a pretty dress. . .it was pretty magical. I'm promising lots of pictures, courtesy of a photographer friend, so you'll get to see everyone's movie-themed costumes. 

Then I went to see Il Volo. And. . .I think that's all I'll say about it right now. A full-write up of the concert will be coming ASAP. Oh my goodness gracious. ;) Some things never change. I remember posting about them years ago on my old blog. . .I can't seem to find the post now. But they were just teenagers then. Now they are young (extremely gorgeous, might I add,) men with spine-tingling talent. But I've already said too much. I think I've driven my Facebook friends crazy with my fandom. ;) Keep watching this spot!

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Its been a season of birthdays. All my sisters (except Julia, who doesn't celebrate her birthday until summer,) and I have birthdays in February and March, which means lots of fattening food (Italians party hard,) and cheesecake. I am now 25 and a little dismayed at how fast 30 is approaching. Five years, people! Scary stuff. I'm also pretty excited about life right now and the direction its going. God continues molding, uplifting, teaching, loving, and forgiving, every day. Hey, the journey never ends.

I'm sunshine-happy. Really, I'm not sure how else to describe my mood. Yesterday was Anna's birthday, (speaking of,) and she decided to spend her day with me and mom in Cleveland's Little Italy, one of my favorite spots in the area. It was a perfect afternoon with clear skies, a slight breeze, and a day off of work, which is rare anymore. Though the restaurant we picked proved to be disappointing, (tacky tea-room style, dark, with obnoxious Italian music from the 50's, plus the pasta was horrible and overcooked, :P ) the rest of the afternoon was beautiful. Anna and I have always been close-though we have our differences-but as we've gotten older a special sort of bond has formed between us. She is my best friend in every sense of the word. I couldn't get over how adorable she looked wearing one of my shirts and her red shoes. And seriously, how did she get to be 23? All of my sisters are growing up. The youngest is 14 already. . .and yeah, like I already mentioned, time is flying fast and I'm watching life roll by. Puts so much into perspective.

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No matter how old I get, I'll always love spending time with my mom. We walked with rumbling stomachs, (no one ate breakfast so we'd have room for a big lunch,) down Murray Hill, aka Little Italy, a strip in the heart of Cleveland filled with shops and restaurants. Music spills into the street, the locals sit on benches chatting, while dogs soak up the sun. An old-school Italian-American neighborhood at it's finest. Everyone is friendly. Even though we were tip-toeing past suspicious-looking fenced in yards that seemed custom-made for ferocious dogs. :P

If you ever have the chance to ramble down a brick road on a fresh spring day, you totally should. Better yet, in a neighborhood of old homes with balconys and trim little yards, green-picket fences and alleyways so narrow and long, they look like something from a movie. Always do this with people you love, and always, always on a sunshine-y afternoon when the world is just starting to wake from its winter sleep. I guarantee sightings of crocuses. Maybe a cat in a window. You'll most likely have a conversation with a complete stranger. And best of all? You'll stop by Corbos bakery (after first being assaulted by the aroma of fresh bread and pastries,) for amazing treats. . .like a lemon bar. The best, most rich lemon bar you've ever tasted. Or pepperoni bread. Then you'll lazily amble back, munching your (unfortunately not gluten-free,) sweets and stop for a picture (because its tradition,) under the street sign called "Random." Because if you can't be random and appreciate the random things in life. . .what's the point of living?

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I think I got a little carried away with the descriptions there. ;) But it was such a delightful day. On a different note, I'm taking serous steps towards getting fit and healthy. I talked a lot about health on the blog last year, then sort of "fell away," after I went to the ranch in CO. Now I'm visiting the local rec-center every couple of days to walk the track, work on those (currently non-existent, :P ) abs, and detox in the sauna. Why has it taken me all these years to discover the power of a sauna? Hello. I tried it the other day and yes, I came out drenched in sweat (so attractive. Not!) but also feeling so, so amazing and. . .I just think it's a great thing. Otherwise, I'm gluten-free again and not missing wheat at all. Going to an actual gym for my workouts is extremely motivating, especially in this atmosphere. I figure, if the elderly man with the hunched back can walk three miles on the track, I can too! Its incredible how a little exercise can completely change your outlook on life.

Sunshine-happy. That's me. Also (most importantly!) Jesus, once-a-month contra dancing, tangerine/mango juice, Tangled (because I love that movie,) brightly colored wall-art, movies with friends, baby-animal videos, pop-opera, weekend roadtrips, sitting cross-legged in the hallway with my bestie, saving to go Europe, rain on the roof, a crisp white bedspread, Instagram, Il Volo's latest album in the mail, and gluten-free cheesecake with salted caramel topping.

Happiness is.

"The sweetest thing in all my life has been the longing to find the place where all the beauty came from." C.S. Lewis