ღing this month | July

I am really excited about this series, only I've been so busy I haven't had time to really examine my month and all the goodness in it. ;) Originally I was going for ღing this week, but I seriously don't think I can keep up with it. Sooo, without further ado, here is the little spot where I ramble, gush, and fangirl. . .and you indulge and smile and try to look interested. :P

| creativity |

Because I am embracing my creative side with new vigor. Forgetting my perfectionism and just writing, even if the result isn't exactly how I envisioned it. Taking a break from novel-planning to work on some fanfic, spending hours at a time at the local coffee shop, sipping Americanos and typing rabidly. People, 2000 words a day isn't bad, and its fun too, since only I will see it, and I'm strengthening my skills. Also working a bit on improvising. I was trained classically in piano, so anything outside of strict theory is new and exciting. Music is a language, and I love it almost as much as words. I'm letting my brain get inspired in new ways this summer, and it is so freeing.

| anthropologie |

I'm in love. The other day me, my mom, and two of my sisters took a little window-shopping trip, and Anthro one of the stops. Its classy, edgy, rustic, elegant. . .all and everything clothing (and home decor!) should be. Like I said on my way out. . .now I just need to marry a rad doctor-guy who is handsome with a great sense of style. See? Easy fix. Then I'd have all the books, coffee, chocolate, plays, food, Anthropologie and Banana Republic clothes I need. :P Hey, you gotta let penniless girls dream a little. >halo<  Sadly had to leave my little ceramic-blue-and-white-mug-with-the-M-on-it behind at the store. Horrors.
| instagram | Fashion&Faith |

I haven't added many pictures yet, but I am now on Instagram! Click the icon below or in my sidebar at right to follow me, and I'll gladly return the favor. :) And don't forget, Quaintrelle is on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Blog Lovin', and Google+. I also am a member of the fashion community, Fashion and Faith.

| homemade cosmetics |

Just spent the evening concocting lipstain, eyeliner, and bronzer using all-natural minerals and spices. I'm really excited to share some recipes and results in an upcoming post! Also activated charcoal. . .the stuff is genius.

{sneak peak of my creations. sorry the photo is so blurry. hey, things don't need to look professional on instagram, right? ;) }
| The Hobbit trailer |

Oh my word. . .need I even say how stinkin' excited I am about the new Hobbit trailer?? Just. . .Richard Armitage. :P Been following the movies from the beginning, and I know a lot of you are just as thrilled about this final installment. Absolutely can't wait, and man does Pippin's song just make this trailer, or what?

 | vintage films |

I've never considered myself a huge vintage-junky, but recently my mom and I have been obsessed with movies from the 30's-40's. Think I should blame Bucky and Steve? I mean, look at them. Yeah. Me too. :P

We especially like Carol Lombard. (check out this free B&B movie site!) In fact, Mom and I huddled together bemoaning Carol's death just yesterday. :P Anywho, I think I can now officially say that I have a vintage icon. There was something so classy and naturally beautiful about women back then; strong but feminine. If only we could re-capture that art.
Peter Hollens  |

Pretty sure my first introduction to the amazingly talented Peter Hollens was through his cover of Misty Mountain. Not only are his videos extremely entertaining, but they are always so creative and the guy can sing. I love the crisp clarity in his voice, and sometimes like his covers even more than the original song. So yeah, kinda a big fan. Also his family. Because he and his wife are adorable together, and they have a baby. I may or may not watch most of their vlogs.

{check out Peter's cover of I See Fire. Didn't care for the original, but his is breathtaking. Also Brave and I Won't Give Up.}

| belle |

So I wasn't sure if I was going to do a separate post or mention her here. . .but a wonderfully wonderful puppy came into my life once-upon-a-three-weeks-ago. :) Some of you may remember my dog Nick from my old blog, Rhapsody in Pink. He tragically died two years ago. . .and only recently have I gone on a the hunt for another dog. Well, after much searching and some totally God-orchestrated events, Belle entered my world. She is a bulldog/basset mix (a Designer Breed, not to be confused with a mutt,) or Bully Basset. I absolutely love her and am so, so pleased with the progress she's made so far. Half a month of hard-core training, and she already heels perfectly on walks. :) So, so blessed! We may have a future therapy dog on our hands, people!

And that concludes my top favs of July. What do you think? What to participate? I'm thinking of starting a monthly linkup, complete with a button so you can join in the fun. In the meantime. . .
Dream a little
Make a wishlist
Pin all the inspiration
. . .leave a comment and tell me what you are ღing this month.


  1. Yay! Someone else who is as nuts about activated charcoal as I am! Actually, you might not be quite AS nuts about it as I am....few people are. I kind of use it for everything. Have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? You know how the dad uses Windex to cure anything? Yep, that's me with charcoal. :-)

    The only thing I know about Carol Lombard is that she was Clark Gable's third wife....I've never seen her in any movies. My goodness, she's gorgeous!

    Good for you for giving into creativity and just writing. I've been writing a lot more lately as well, and I'm currently working on my first 'real' novel. It's slow going but so incredibly exciting to experience the story unfolding.

    I like your idea for a monthly link-up-- sounds like fun! :-)


    1. haha. . .well, I'm thinking I'm pretty close! Its amazing for so many things. My favorite is facemasks, obviously, but my family also uses it to whiten our teeth. . . and it WORKS. I haven't seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, actually. I'll put it on my list. ;)

      I know, right? The women back then were so beautiful. You should see some of her movies. "My Man Godfrey" is a good one.

      Oh, really? What is your novel about??

      Thanks for commenting. :)

  2. My, you are keeping busy! I am too. I'm swamped with church and ministry work, to say nothing of endeavoring to meet a deadline for my sixth novel. I am eager to see how your WIP turns out! :)

    1. Yes I have. :) God is good. Speaking of novels, I'll be contacting you shortly about that review.

  3. I'm loving that my poetry chapbook could (will?) be published this month. A work of love that I can't wait to get out in the open. I'm also starting CNA classes this month and I can't wait.

    1. I'm just so proud of you, Catherine. I plan on ordering one of your chapbooks, btw. Love the cover illustration, and how you've pressed forward. Like I'm mentioned before, your a huge inspiration to me. :)

  4. oh my goodness. Anthro clothing is just, yeah. No words. I'm trying to not obsess over clothes lately, but cute clothes just get me every.single.time

    Totally agree about those old movies. So much class and elegance, much of which is lost today. So sad. =( I totally think 90% of the guys from those old movies are better looking than most movie stars (with a few exceptions). Perhaps it's because they dressed so nicely and kept themselves neat?? I'm so not into the unkept, huge beard look (sorry Duck Dynasty fans =P )

    What I'm loving this month:

    -The summer weather. Please tell me it isn't August already!! I could take a few more months of this.
    - Infused/detox water. Made some lemon/cucumber/mint detox water today. Yummy and perfect for summer. Recipe going up on the blog this week!
    - Natural makeup!! (enough said. ;) btw, I want to know more about activated charcoal!)
    - ice cream. With chocolate sauce.
    - Actually seeing some results from eating healthier and exercising!
    (oops, that doesn't go with the ice cream comment. Oh well)

    1. Oh man, not obsessing over clothes is SO HARD. :P Anthro is just about perfect. When I'm rich and famous, I'll literally only wear Anthro and Banana Republic. ;)

      Lol. Never could get into Duck Dynasty either. ;) My mom is the one who is really on the B&B movie kick. Its so relaxing in the evening to just sit with some chocolate and a good family film. I made the mistake of watching The Amazing Spiderman right before going to bed last night. . .and it kept me up. :P So much going through my head, you know? I love relaxing with a movie in the evening. . .but it has to be a relaxing movie. ;)

      -I know, right? Summer is going by way too fast!
      -Funny that your detoxing too. I usually drink tea, but I've also gotten into smoothies. Actually, I've been replacing breakfast and lunch with a smoothie, and eating something light for dinner. Also I'm staring to work out again. Bleh.
      -YESSS. . .I had some great result with the natural bronzer I made. Still experimenting with lip stain and blush. I haven't found a recipe that I like yet.
      -Ice cream. But of course. ;)
      -That is so awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing some results in myself. :P

  5. Oh my goodness. Fangirling!!! Thanks for the fun and cute post, I look forward to more!
    xxx love ya!

    1. hehe. What can I say? You and I know how to fangirl pretty well. ;) Thanks for tagging me yesterday, btw. Made my day. <3

  6. Your dog is so cute!! I love the heart you used! How did you do that?

    1. Aww, thanks. You know, I have no idea? I just Google "emoticon hearts," and it popped up. :-/

  7. First off, I met Belle on Skype with Maria, and Michaela, SHE IS SO ADORBLE!! <3 And the Hobbit trailer??!! I died a little inside with Thorin said... "Will you follow me, one last time" !!!! Ahhh! And then, Peter Hollens!? Paige has loved him forever!! :P This post made me so happy! ;)

    1. Did you really?? hehe Yes, she is precious. Has the dickens, but she's awfully cute. ;) I KNNNOOOWWWW. . .me tooo. Richard Armitage is just so swoony. ;) No way, Paige likes Peter Hollens too? I feel like one of the only people I know who actually likes him. :P

  8. Wellp, obviously one thing I'm loving this month is TARZAN!! :-D How fabulous to find a fellow fangirl! I agree that both Jane and Tarzan are much more realistic and well-rounded than most Disney characters, with actual struggles and normal hopes. I also love how the Disney animation designers incorporated physical features of both of Tarzan's parents in his face - his father's jaw and his mother's eyes, specifically. It's like he's carrying them with him all those years even though he never knew it. Gaah, I'm going to make myself cry ... :'-}

    Regarding YOUR post, though, I love the look of your natural makeup in progress - I can't wait to hear more about how you make it and how it works for you. And Belle is just a simply lovely little lady. Such a sweet, happy little face!

    I'm so glad you're doing well, Michaela! Thanks so much for coming by my blog - it makes me happy when you come to visit!


    1. It blesses me so much that you enjoyed my comments. Ditto to everything. Tarzan is just the sweetest movie ever. :) I'll cry with you. ;)

  9. I'm a new reader and your blog is just adorable! I feel the same way when I find an "M" mug, trust me. ;) And gracious, your dog is *precious*. :)


    1. Nice to meet you, Michelle! I hope you continue to read and enjoy Quaintrelle. :) Its a work in progress, but I'm having a lot of fun with it. :) Thanks for stopping in!