Tales of September.

If this was a Facebook status, it would say something like--"when your trying to blog, but keep getting distracted because so much is happeningrighnow." haha I'm distracted, but hey, I know awesome people who are up to awesome things. Maybe I should shut off FB for a while and concentrate here. . .

First I want to say that I am totally blown away by the response I got on Confidently,You. Not only were your comments so uplifting, but the post was shared at least six times by friends on Facebook. It just thrills me to the bone that so many of you were blessed, especially since I wasn't sure if I should post or not. Yeah, I believe in vulnerability, but even then I find myself going "ehhh, maybe this will strike the wrong cord." Instead, your positive response has me smiling from ear to ear. We are in this journey together, right? Each of you are so special, so unique. I'm excited to see how God continues to mold our lives, and I HOPE it isn't always easy. Without thorns, how can we bloom? Love you all, and I really should get on with my post. ;)

Ok, so you probably noticed I totally skipped the August AND September additions of  ღing this month. What can I say? Blame life. :P I'm actually going to do something a little different this time and talk about all the things--and not wishlist/fandom/daydream things--that made up probably the best September of my life.

All photos except OSR group shots © Anna Olivia

Our entire group--parents not included--at the OSR English Country Dance. Picture by Brandon Pieplow. 

Some of you know that I (along with my family,) have been hosting/coordinating an annual event for homeschool grads for five years now. Its been a work-in-progress, but I think I can finally say the Ohio Summer Rendezvous is a rousing success. :) I mean, compared to our first event complete with streamers thrown haphazardly over ceiling beams and wrapped  around. . .just about everything in sight. . .preschool-style-games, and a total of 10 guys vs maybe 30 some girls. . .things have, lets just say, vastly improved. ;) Ok, seriously. This year we were blessed with 74 attendees (not including visitors who dropped in on the Ball Saturday night. . .I think we had over 80 people.) I felt organized and had the most incredible team of volunteers running all over the campgrounds, working their hearts out. You guys are AMAZING. I need you. :)

A friend of mine described the OSR perfectly: its kind of like a homeschool-highschool reunion. We meet new people, we strengthen old friendships, we worship together, we play, we eat, we dance, we sing, we hike, we stay-up-all-night. ;) Can event coordinating be a hobby? Because I really enjoy it. I'm so grateful to God and all the people who made OSR 2014 possible. For more information, check out our website.  Hopefully as more pics come in I can do a proper OSR-post. :)
The next weekend we went pirating-for-donuts, which is basically something all friends should do. :P Krispy Kreme was giving away a dozen free donuts to anyone who dressed or talked like a pirate on. . .guess what? Talk Like a Pirate Day.
I'm talking TEN dozen donuts, mateys. And I won't even admit how many I actually ate. Can anyone say sugar coma? :P But oh-my-goodness there is nothing in the world quite like a freshly made, piping hot, melty-donut. We each got a free "sample" while standing in line. Totally legit.
My crazy-awesome (and when I say crazy, I mean it,) bestie, Marissa. You gotta trust me here. . .she's actually a really nice person. Just. . .stay away from the sword.

Afterwards we brought our loot back home from fellowship and. . .more donut-eating. ;) I kinda like this group of pirates a lot.

Our group, minus Jacob and this Rastafarian-pirate-dude-photobomber. Not sure what happened to that pic. . .  

Last but totally not least, the month wrapped up (though I guess we technically have one more September-weekend, ;) with a magical evening of dancing-under-the-stars (English Country Dancing,) hosted by my lovely friend Kate. 

I don't think I can even explain how completely magical it was. A fairyland of string lights,Pinterest-worthy decorations, happy people, good friends, a bonfire, fall-inspired goodies, and dancing. Can anything get more whimsical or perfect? Kate even set out a coffee pot, several choices of tea, whole apples with a slicer, peanut butter, and caramel dip. . .and hand sanitizer. hehe
To say the least, I think I've learned more this month than in the entire year. . .about people, friendships, God's faithfulness, and myself. Insanely grateful to a God who holds the whole world in His Hands. Jesus knows. Jesus cares. "Life is too deep for words, so don't try to describe it, just live it." --C.S. Lewis 


  1. Love this, especially that last paragraph. That perfectly describes how I've felt lately too. God has been teaching me so much. :)
    Keep up the great blogging work!

  2. Love love love this Michaela! We so were on the same wave length today. Like check out the first few lines of my blog post I was writing when you were writing yours. We said almost the exact same thing! I also am laughing right now because you posted about pirates and that is something coming up in my next post! September Pirate pictures for the win! I just adore your blog and am soo enamored by your talent of design. I can't wait to learn how you do all the stuff you do on here. I'm really trying to get mine improved and worthy of being spread because I'm getting hundreds of readers on a weekly basis but have no idea who is reading it unless they comment or something. I need to get friends to subscribe so I can expand! :D

  3. Michaela, this post made me so happy!! I hope you don't mind me commenting on a lot of your posts but I love them all so much! ;) I had so much fun with you and your sisters at the dance and osr! I am so glad our families are friends because I seriously don't know what life would be like without the dear Ferrars!! <3

  4. Fun times! So glad I got to be a part of OSR 2014 ❤

  5. Loveee this, Michaela! Your blog is so lovely. Do you mind me asking what you use to edit? Your previous outfit post was gorgeous and the editing was absolutely stunning!

    Much love,

    Acacia xx