ღing this autumn | October-November

(Yes, I realize its December, but this post has been in the works for awhile, and I sort of promised it. ;) SO here it is, outdated and all. Enjoy!*~)

I love this time of year. Autumn is definitely the easiest time to love-on, because its pretty much my favorite time of the year. I have a infatuation with fall. A romance, so to speak. ;) Once-upon-an-October-night I huddled in the dark watching Return to Cranford. . .because its on Youtube. . .and because Tom Hiddleston has a voice like melted butter. Its the cozy-evenings and big sweaters and pumpkin-EVERYTHING and boots and changing leaves and cooler days. . .and. I just adore this time of year. Its weird though,, because last year at this time I was in California, livin' the dream (if you like fast-paced, that is,) and spending lots of time in The Village--this adorable little town nestled somewhere in LA and full of boutiques and unique places to eat. For ie, I had a crepe for lunch one day. . . and a cappuccino topped with a dark-chocolate Eiffel Tower. Le sigh.

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| Once Upon a Time | 

I'm a bit of a non-conformist. Ok, make that a lot. Call it what you will, but (unless it's Marvel or The Hobbit, ;) ) I usually don't follow trends. I'm opinionated about my fandoms, (Les Miz, Beauty and the Beast,) and I'm wary of anything too popular. Like Doctor Who. And Once Upon a Time. :P I also can no longer stand Frozen. Just let it go already. I mean, it just isn't cute seeing Elsa all over everything anymore. >rant< So you can understand how there was positively no way I was EVER watching Once Upon a Time. Ever. I mean, c'mon. Fairy tale characters in the modern world? People. I LOVE fairytales. . .but this just looked cheesy. And trendy. Until that one day. . .when I was bored. . .ok, and curious. . .and someone talked me into it.

I am a marathon-binging Oncer.
I watch the show for Rumple.

. . .because OUAT always comes with a price.
I am not sorry.
The end.

| coffee shops |

Mmm. Ok, so I like coffee and coffee shops any day of the year, but there is something about lazing for hours reading-and-sipping in a cozy corner of the town square (and literally. . .there is a coffee shop at the corner of our town square. ;) ) I love the people watching. I love the conversation. I love sitting near the window, watching all the hustle-bustle. And I especially love seasonal drinks with words like pumpkin and spice and even peppermint in them. Not talking about Starbucks either. I mean a real coffee shop with its own personality and character. Mine is like an old friend. :) Tip--if your stuck in the house enjoying a cuppa, add a tablespoon of cocoa and a dash of vanilla creamer.

| period dramas |

{Peter Pan is one of my absolute favorite books EVER, and Finding Neverland was perfect. . .from the costumes to the Scottish accent to Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet. So much to love.  }

During the summer I get antsy to be out and about. . .you know, be productive. This time of year, there is truly nothing better than curling up with a period drama and a blanket. I am by no mean an addict, but I like me some North and South, Canford, and pretty much anything Dickens, especially now, when fall and BBC just naturally blend together. :P I just saw Finding Neverland recently for the first time. . .and may or may not have watched it three times in one week. And cried every time.

| Fall fashion |
Especially boots. But we won't talk about my-puppy-chewing-a-hole-through  mine. Nope. Won't talk about that. Instead we'll focus on chunky sweaters, earth-tones, infinity scarves, snazzy dress coats and fingerless mittens. What are some of your favorite cold-weather pieces?

| Pojects |

Since I'm still without a job I've had a lot of opportunity to pursue some of my hobbies. Hoping to begin selling crocheted slouchie beanies at a local boutique soon. How many of you would like to see an Etsy shop? Any tips on marketing would be appreciated! :) Besides watching OUAT (hey, crocheting makes it productive, right? Right. ) I've found myself curled up with these beautiful pencil coloring pages. . .don't laugh! I still color. But lately I've been tracing the pictures in ink. This is serious business. No kid stuff here. :P

| Trailers |

This turned into much more of  a media-post than I planned, but there are so many exciting movies coming out! To mention a few that I can't wait to see: Into the Woods, The Battle of Five Armies (duh,) Cinderella, Pan, Age of Ultron, (eep!) and Testament of Youth. Which others would you add to this list?

| Surprises |

Sometime in October I got the surprise of the century! (to me, at least. ;) An OSR (Ohio Summer Rendezvous, the event my family hosts,) thank-you-box literally STUFFED with chocolate and coffee and other gifts (I'm wearing the earrings right now, actually!). . .and cards and cards and cards. . .and cards. . .and more cards. All written by literally the most beautiful people in the world. :) I feel so small and unworthy of their love.

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  1. You should look at the new "Cinderella" trailer--it looks so good!

  2. Thanks for this post, I now have to check out Finding Neverland as well as Pan next year. I am also a huge Peter Pan fan it was my favorite book as a child and my second favorite Disney movie.

  3. ALL of this...yes yes yes yes! And I loooove slouched beanies- bring on the etsy shop :D Return to Cranford- oh my. I may or may not have made several friends also addicted to it! Thanks for the beautiful post!! A bit of fall is always needed in one's life no matter what season, right? :)
    xoxo madi

  4. I love this post! I'm also really looking forward to the new Cinderella movie coming out! I'm not sure about the new Hobbit movie though, I'm afraid something is going to happen to my favorite Dwarves(Kili and Thorin) that will make me cry through Christmas *no spoilers intended*! OUAT sounds like a neat show, although I heard form a friend that they make Peter Pan out to be a villain...no!!! They can't do that to one of my favorite Disney characters! *shakes fist at OUAT screen writer/director/producer*

    ...anyway I'll end my too long comment here

    I love looking through your blog posts!


  5. I love these posts so much!
    I also vote that you sell your hats...you can never have too many cozy hats :)

    Coffee shops...one of the best things ever ♥ We have a nice little one close by, but I never really spent any time there until today. ohmygoodness. I can't wait to go back and linger again! The perfect place to meet friends, blog or edit pictures.

    So many movies coming out that I'd love to see...the Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies is a MUST. As is Beyond the Mask. And maybe Cinderella. And The Giver.

    So glad you liked the box. It was a blast to put together and I had SO much help. OSR people are the BEST :)

  6. I also linked up with my own post, though my is a December edition :)

  7. This is such a fun post!!!

    Glad your enjoying ONCE.
    Season four may be my favorite season yet.

  8. Love this post... I adore OUAT (Rumbelle till I die!!!!) and yes, I binge-watched it after first discovery as well. Coffee... nothing is better (except wearing an oversized sweater WHILE drinking coffee). I cry whenever I watch Finding Neverland... the first time I saw it was with my mom and we were depressed for days!! Beautiful film. YOU MUST START AN ETSY SHOP!!! The list of trailers are my cannot-wait-for-this list as well. And packages in the mail are beyond amazing! Amazon boxes have been arriving containing gifts from my family and it is KILLING ME not being able to open them yet!

    Well... my comment was random, but.. yeah... love you! ;-)