Let me be vulnerable for a moment.
And tell this little story.
deep breath.
Here goes.
Everything is always about  success.
"Reach for the stars," they say.
Follow your dreams.
Take it higher.
Don't stop.
Always ahead.
Make your voice known.
There is nothing wrong with success.
But then I must ask. . .what makes one a success?
So your a young adult living in a busy world.
Maybe your world isn't always busy.
Maybe you don't reach as high as they'd like.
Maybe you haven't met all your dreams.
Maybe you are standing alone.
Alone while life whirls on.
And you feel unsuccessful. 
They tell you.
You aren't normal.
I mean, "c'mon, your how old?"
You don't do what they do.
Face the facts. . .you are different.
And maybe that's ok.
Ok if it makes you happy.
Until they say it again.
Until your so-called "failures" embarrass them.
They feel sorry for you.
They want to help.
See, this is where my life mission becomes reality.
Stop believing life is about "success."
They have an accepted idea of the world.
How it looks on the outside.
The norm, the pattern everyone follows.
Because its expected.
Because who wants to be different?
But you are.
Not interested in college. Check.
Not bashing those who are, it just isn't for me.
Still single. Hey, I was in a "relationship" last year.
It changed my life.
I've changed.
I've matured.
I'm glad it happened.
I'm over him in a big way.
I'm a better person, a stronger Christian.
That matters more than "umm, but your 23 and still single."
I'm waiting for God's best.
I'm ready.
I wasn't before.
See, I may not be "normal," but God is working.
That matters more than owning a car.
Totally makes me a failure, right?
Guess what.
 I see my need for independence.
But time is in God's Hands.
Sometimes when we have thoughts and ideas.
They don't fit His plan.
But stop telling me I'm unsuccessful.
I'm living at home.
Not currently working.
Hey, I was a nanny for 7 years.
And I'm looking for a job.
Guess what?
This is where God wants me.
My point is merely this--success isn't measured by what you do.
What you have.
Reaching for the stars.
Success is following God's plan.
Listening. Trusting. Obedience.
I am successful in His eyes.
That, my friends. . .is ultimately all that matters.
You are never a failure.

And neither am I.

"There's no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections." 


  1. Michaela, I love this post so much and I love your heart! <3

  2. This is really good! I love it when you let yourself be vulnerable...that is the way some of your best posts are written.

  3. So much truth here ♥ Thank you for sharing!

  4. This is very encouraging. I can relate with much of what you present here, and it is good to be reminded that success shouldn't be defined as one's earthly achievement, but by the words "Well done, my good and faithful servant."

  5. Amazing. What a beautiful post. I know I've had to deal with people's disapproval and my own sense of being a failure; and you sure can feel of little worth! So thanks for writing down those encouraging words. You're right. We want to be successful in God's eyes; the world's opinion is of little importance.

    Blessings! :)

  6. This :
    Success is following God's plan.
    Listening. Trusting. Obedience.
    I am successful in His eyes.

    I love these words. It's SO easy to accumulate our worth from what others think of us and our accomplishments or lack of them, but to live God's will is eternal, and so far beyond man's opinion.
    Also a good point is to extend that same grace to others and be aware and careful of how we phrase questions or comments in order to keep them from feeling as if they need to defend themselves. Questions like "Are you seeing someone?" "Do you have a job?" "Are you in school?" are all valid questions, and mostly used to try to find a common ground on which to connect, yet often make me feel defensive even though I think I'm taking the path God has called me to. I think the implication I feel from those questions is that only valid things are the things that everyone else also values and can comprehend.
    In a rare occurence, one time someone asked me what I was doing with my time and when I said that after cello commitments I was mostly staying at home and helping out my mom, the near stranger said, "You'll never be sorry." I'd like to be able to say that to more young people who are making the difficult choice to break ground that other folks don't always understand.

    1. Love your comment, Nancy. :) It's so good to hear that kind of encouragement from a near stranger, and it reminds us to pass along that same grace and encouraging words to other young people who are experiencing the same things we are.

  7. Thank you for sharing your heart, darling friend. Even thought I'm married, I can't seem to have children. All of my married friends have children and I just don't fit in. I can feel like I've failed. And I can get bitter towards them. Realizing that my story is different from theirs (and that it's OKAY!) is a daily struggle. Thank you for being one of the people who doesn't follow the pattern. It is comforting to others like you (like me) who are on journeys that defy what is "normal". LOVE YOU!