Big yellow sweaters, library computers, Colorado adventuring, and spring.

Has it really been nearly 4 months since I posted? Crazy. I'm sitting here at the library on a gloomy day in April, blocking out the people around me (I'm in the "quiet room," which makes it easier,) and typing away. Out the window, directly in front of me, I can see into the parking lot. . .all the parked cars and people going about their day. There are white blossoms on the trees, and even though it is overcast, spring has finally sprung here in Ohio, and I am happy, happy, happy. Also big yellow sweaters. Because when you find a sale at The Gap. . .and then this huge, bright yellow, oversized sweater with the tiny hole is marked even lower. . .it makes you incredibly excited and you have to buy it. Especially since an over sized sweater is everything you've always wanted (in the fashion world, anyway,) and tiny holes can be fixed. And yeah. . .$5.99? Deal of the century!

You may wonder why I'm at the library. . .well, the desktop computer at home "crashed" and is currently in for repairs, and so much has and is happening and so many blog posts are crowded together inside my head. . .I needed to type. Even though the library computer system is ancient and the wifi is slow (grumble). Tablets (which are all I have to work with at home,) don't let me type quickly and have that annoying automatic spell-check (curse the thing!). . .so here I am.

Good to "see you," bloggie friends! I've missed you. I've also been insanely (and when I say insanely, I mean insanely,) busy. So much has come up since I last posted. . .and literally, all of a sudden everything is crashing around me and-needs-to-be-finished-right-now. Blogging is on that agenda. I really want to fit a regular blogging schedule in there somewhere. It will happen. Someday. I promise. ;)

Before you get bored and stop reading (or skimming. . .don't deny it, you know that's what your doing. . .) I will fill you in a bit on life in the now. Hang tight.

 ❥ something i did  Costuming in Michigan for a highschool production of The Wizard of Oz. That was my February. I mentioned it a bit in my last post (alll the way in January! Sheesh.) While there :drumroll: I turned 24. Yes. . .I am officially old. I mean. . .in 6 years I'll be 30. Help. In a huge way I'm loving this time in my life. . .I'm more mature and sure of what I want to do, but at the same time. . .24 just seems very old. 

 ❥ something i'm doing ❥ Preparing for a summer in Colorado. My sister Anna and I were hoping to get counselor jobs in North Carolina at a Christian camp, but things fell through. Major, major disappointment. Also confusing, since up until then it all seemed to be God's Will. Ah, but His ways are not are ways! It's pretty awesome, actually. Anna had researched dude ranches a few years ago (we love cowboys and anything western,) and stumbled on a ranch in Colorado that looked interesting, but wasn't a possibility at the time. Well, she took a chance and contacted Wind River Ranch, even though they were no longer hiring for the summer. . .and almost instantly got a response. Long story short, after filling out an extremely detailed application and waiting. . and praying. . .and waiting some more. . .Anna and I will officially be going to CO this summer! We truly serve an awesome God. :) Wind River has a very strong ministry-oriented worldview, a huge passion of mine and something I am so, so excited about. I will be working as a kitchen server, and Anna is working with the staff kids. I'm also trying to raise money for the ranch as part of their "Adopt a Staff Program," so if you'd like to hear more about how YOU can help, check out the link

❥ something i've discovered  How my body works and WHY it does what it does. This may be my most exciting news yet. For years I've struggled with anxiety, brought on by stress and different circumstances in my life. . .and I fell into a pit of depression and hopelessness. Thanks to a dear friend of mine (pretty cool story of how God brought us together--another story for another time,) I have been feeding my body only clean, whole, pure foods, and am taking lots and lots of vitamin B12--or as I like to call it, my happy, life-saving pill. Seriously, if your a girl reading this. . .anyone, but especially girls. . .take B12. Its an amazing little pop of cheerfulness and honestly has been healing and restoring. . .everything. My mind, my personality. I've also discovered that I'm most likely gluten-intolerant, so I've cut gluten as well as most soy, corn, sugar, and caffeine, (waaaa coffee!) from my diet. I'm not completely vegan, but I eat mostly plant-based, and honestly, I feel so good I don't even miss "bad" food. I think, if the topic of health and clean eating is of interest to you, I might add another category to my blog. I'd like to start vlogging (though I'm not very good at editing. . .any programs you'd recommend?) There are so many yummy recipes and life-changing tips. . .I've become a bit of a smoothie diva. ;) What do you think? Would you like to hear more?? 

❥ something i'm working toward  Growing my hair out. I've had hair issues for as long as I can remember. . .some of my older readers may remember my woes on my old blog, after I got my perm (er, two perms. . .in one week, ) and my hair started falling out. Yeah. Not fun. Horrifying, especially to a teenager! It's really never been the same since. . .the texture has changed-- its a lot finer now--and when it gets past my shoulder it become split and stringy. However, I love and am constantly envious of Pinterest-long hair. Soooo I started looking into natural hair growth. . .and I found a secret ingredient that actually works. Caster oil. I don't want to give too much away yet, since I want to write up a post about it, but yes. I have been doing an oil mask every other day for my hair and drenching my eyelashes every night. . .and ladies. . .my eyelashes are growing. My boy-short, stick-straight eyelashes are growing. Wonder of wonders. 

❥ something i'm loving  Spring! I never thought it would get here, but now that it has, I have a huge energy burst. I can hardly sit still, which is good, as I have a ton of work to do. Event planning, blogging, job hunting, fitness, health. I've been power-walking Belle every day, and ladies and gentleman. . .after a year of hard training, Belle now behaves perfectly on walks. Milestone. She heels, she walks nicely past people, she is polite towards other dogs. . .and I'm happy. This is when I really start bonding with my dogs. . .after about a year of training. She's almost 2 and the cutest, nicest puppy around. :) 

Well, time is up here at the library. This post isn't all I hoped and planned it would be, but it is something. I am hoping to get the desktop back in a few days, and oh boy do I have some fun post ideas for you! In the meantime, check out my Instagram for some pictures that correlate with the topics in this post. Then leave a comment and tell me what is making YOU happy and excited this spring.  


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post; hearing about your life! I hadn't realized we were so close in age...I turn 24 this year as well. (although in several months) I thought you were perhaps older! I have to agree about the ''in 6 years I'll be 30'' feeling! :p

    Yellow sweaters...yes! :) That would make me happy, too.

    By the way, my sister Nikola through long distance helped design the costumes for the Wizard of Oz project you were working on! She mostly did Glinda's dresses and the wicked witch's.

    How fun about your health goals: I experienced the same turn around a few years ago. It was like all of a sudden I realized that GOD had made my body, and I have to keep it healthy for His glory!!!

    Hope your hair endeavors go well. I highly recommend Argan oil! And coconut oil mixed with activated charcoal (the kind you take for a sore stomach) makes a healthy ''mascara'' which really helps eyelashes grow too! I also highly recommend following a lunar hair chart for knowing when to give a light trim to your hair to help boost the growth. https://www.morroccomethod.com/lunar-hair-care
    Also watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFelggOv948

    Anyway....thanks for posting! This spring life has been getting crazy busy but I am SO thankful for the time I DO have with my wonderful family and friends!

    1. Wait, your Nikola's sister??? What a small world! I'm pretty sure I met her in person last year, while working on Beauty and the Beast. :) So cool.

      Yes, being 24 is. . .interesting. I have to say, even though it scares me a little, (I feel like I have so much to catch up on--I still need to get my life started,) I'm loving this age. I feel so much more confident and sure of myself, and I hear it only gets better from here. I'm actually really excited to turn 30. My mom says her 30's were the best years of her life.

      I'm not usually a yellow person, but this sweater is just so happy and perfect. :) I really love it.

      Argan oil--I've actually used that a bit in my hair, just to soften it, and I really like it.Thanks for all the tips on mascara (activated charcoal is so awesome for so many things!) and hair. I'll have to look into the chart you suggested. :)

  2. Please do more health and beauty posts. I need to try the castor oil trick.

    1. Ok. ;) I'm trying to decide which would be easier--a video tutorial of the oil mask, or pictures. What do you think?

  3. I've missed your posts, so I was excited to see this one! I enjoyed hearing about how your life is going and especially reading about your health goals. I have been trying to eat better, feeding my body real, clean, whole foods. However, I've fallen into a rut recently of eating junk food because I've been stressed with high levels of anxiety. I'm graduating in a few weeks and the stress is building. I'm hoping to get back on track soon! I'd love to hear more about clean eating and health.

    1. Aww, that makes me so happy, thank you! :) I've really missed blogging and hearing from all of you lovely ladies. Makes my life THAT much better, you know? :)

      I'm sorry your experiencing anxiety. Not fun at all. :-/ I was pretty hopeless in my anxiety for a long time, but after changing my diet-lifestyle, I've really seen a huge improvement. It takes patience and I still have difficult days, but I have hope that it will completely clear up. If I can encourage you at all--hang on and never give up! Believing that you can conquer your fears (that sounds so new-age, but it's actually good advice,) goes along way in getting well. :) Its physiological, after all. Hugs to you!

  4. {eek so excited you posted this!! missed you! } I love hearing about how you have been and your goals and how you are! (and yes would love hearing all you know about healthy living :)
    thanks so much for the post! look forward to more to come. and happy spring :)

    1. {eek its one of my favorite people! I've missed you too!} Maddie. . .I know I've said it a million times, but you just make me smile. :) Keep being the beautiful blessing that you are! (and loving superhero movies and Richard Armitage. Very important. ;) )

  5. I have heard that the B vitamins are very helpful in treating depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders, but I've never tried it myself ... and maybe I should, given that I also have a tendency toward depression, stress, anxiety, and legitimately have obsessive compulsive disorder. Also, if you like this idea, good fats and oils help a LOT too because your brain is made of mostly fat, so it requires (a lot of) fat to function. (It's ironic, because everyone decided fat caused heart disease, so they started eating LOW LOW LOW fat diets and ... hello Alzheimer's.) Coconut oil is supposedly especially good and I think taking fish oil for a while helped my OCD a LOT. Now I mostly just eat flaxseeds and chia seeds and I still struggle with mental disorders BUT Jesus not only helps me through it, He has begun to heal me through those good fats. He is so good to me! and, as Paul said in 2 Corinthians, "Therefore I am well content with weaknesses, with insults, with distresses, with persecutions, with difficulties, for Christ's sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong."

    Dance A Real: Fashion & Lifestyle
    walking in the air.: Literary Musings

    1. Totally give B12 a try! Really cool how God has been using oils in your life. I know coconut oil is excellent, but I haven't tried taking it yet. It can be so expensive, and I usually just use it for makeup removal and shaving. As far as B12--another excellent source (along with taking a vitamin) is nutritional yeast. A friend of mine got me hooked. ;) Its actually a pretty awesome replacement for cheese, and can be mixed in or sprinkled on almost everything!

      Anyway--thank you for your testimony and the scripture. We can do all things through Christ!

  6. I'm looking forward to meeting you at the ranch this year! Will you be there between May 9th to the 17th? (Working in the kitchen is a blast, and your head cook Kas is AWESOME. Just sayin'.)

    Do you take an actual pill for B12? A delicious supplement I've used for years is nutritional yeast (it has several B vitamins, but predominately B12). I eat it on...well...almost everything, but especially toast, eggs, some soups, etc--it's amazing. And vegans use it in recipes for cheese replacement if that's your thing.

    1. Yay, so cool, Molly! I'm very excited (also a little nervous, ;) ) and just trusting that God will allow all the details (like airfare,) to fall into place. How many times have you worked at the ranch? I'm not going to be there in May. . .August for me. :-/ Does that mean I won't get to meet you?

      I take a fast-melt vitamin, meaning I put it on my tongue until it dissolves. And yesssss nutritional yeast is AMAZING! :)

  7. Magnesium deficiency is also a factor in depression. See these links for more info.

    Mrs. L

  8. Michaela! It's so good to see a post from you again. Your presence has been missed. :-)

    Oh my goodness! Your summer trip to Colorado sounds like SO much fun. I've always wanted to go to Colorado, as I'm rather obsessed with the West in general and that's where Dr. Quinn takes place. ;-D Working on a ranch sounds like a wonderful adventure. I'm sure it'll be grand!

    Cutting gluten from your diet is pure torture at first, but eventually you don't even think about it. I've been totally off gluten for more than two years, and it really makes an incredible difference. Good luck with all your diet changes!

    By the way, I went to see Beyond the Mask a few weeks ago, and my sister and I noticed you in the ensemble! Pretty exciting. :-)

    What's making me happy and excited this spring? The sunshine, the Hornblower movies, my half-finished novel, letters from friends, plans for the summer...God is good. :-)


    1. Hey girlfriend! :) I've missed all of you too. Getting back into blogging hard-core. Writing is the only thing I think about lately, which is so exciting, because I was really dry there for awhile. ;)

      lol, Dr. Quinn. Sully is just so dreamy. Moving on. ;) :P I know though, Colorado is supposed to be beautiful! I can't wait to see--and live in--the mountains. I'm a little worried about altitude sickness though. I'm already drinking a ton of water each day, but I think I'll have to double my intake!

      You know, I actually don't mind being gluten free at all. Except when my mom made these buns yesterday that smelled soooo amazing. . .that was tough. :P But really, there are so many gluten-free options out there now that actually taste awesome. I've been eating rice pasta and can hardly taste the difference.

      Cool that you saw Beyond the Mask! It was pretty weird, seeing myself, mom, and Anna on the big screen. Plus we know pretty much everyone on crew, and were totally obnoxious, squealing and pointing whenever we saw someone we recognized! :P Glad you enjoyed the movie. I'm pretty proud!

      You know. . .I've never seen the Hornblower movies. . .I'll have to check them out. :)

    2. Horatio Hornblower= <3. Best movies ever made, in my not-so-humble-opinion. :-D

  9. So nice to see you posting again, Michaela! I've missed your posts!

    Wow, that sounds like a great summer ahead for you and Anna! I've always wanted to go to Colorado; it looks like such a gorgeous state!

    As someone who is also into clean eating and has allergies (gluten and dairy, and I've cut out sugar as well), I'd love to read anything related to that! So happy you've found something that works for you! It's amazing how sometimes all it takes is a simple change to make such a big difference. Since I'm a HSP (highly sensitive person) I tend to get stressed and anxious easily, even when fun stuff is going on, so I've been taking lavender capsules which help a lot. I think I'm going to try the B-12 as well. Do you just take a B-12 supplement? If so, what brand do you like?

    Kinda random, but I just thought of an idea. Something like a group video chat of us bloggers who are into natural health and eating to chit chat about all that kinda stuff. I know for me at least I only know one other person in real life that wants to live a natural lifestyle, so getting to share ideas about recipes, favorite products, what's worked for us, etc would be really neat! Encouragement from other young ladies would definitely be a blessing! Maybe we could co-host something like that in the future... :)

    1. Oooh, I like your Skype idea, Sereina. I'd totally like to co-host something like that with you! Email me (or vice versa) and we can talk details. Such a cool idea! I'm serious--I'd really like to do this. What a great way to "meet" fellow bloggers too. Love it. :)

      As far as B12--I take the fast melt (dissolves under your tongue) Methylcobalamin from Source Naturals. Really good brand, and I like the results a lot! ;)

  10. I like Serenia's video group chat thingy idea!!!!! :D <3

  11. Yay, another castor oil user! :D I've been using a mix of castor oil and jojoba to take off my makeup and it's made my eyelashes grow SO long! I've recently started using it in my hair, so I'm hoping for similar results! :) I'd love to see a video or a more in-depth post about how you use it.

    The info about B12 sounds quite interesting, I definitely want to give it a try.

    I'm SO glad you and Anna get to go to Colorado! I know it's going to be an amazing time. I may be just a wee bit envious, especially of the scenery you'll see. <3
    So glad you're back into blogging, can't wait to read future posts.