Thinking out loud.

Woke up inspired and summer-happy! This blog isn't near anywhere I want it to be, but I hope that when you visit here, you leave refreshed. Hey, I'm just a girl like you, (or I guess if you are guy, not quite like you, ;) ) living out each day with Jesus as my guide. So this morning I decided to come off of my mid-year blahs and embrace this time for what it is. Not perfect. But it's mine. 
To me, summer 2015 means--
  1. That sweet feeling of success in every aching bone (oxymoron? ) after a workout.
  2. Making an actual effort to be fit/more active.
  3. Instagramming everything.
  4. Ed Sheeran. Because, you know. And because he has a beautiful, deep soul that touches mine. 
  5. Inspiring, pretty blogs that make me feel creative and re-juiced, like the gorgeous Niomi Smart and The Freckled Fox
  6. Easy-breezy palazzo pants in funky patterns. Sophisticated, vintage-esque, and something every girl should own.
  7. Red raspberries. I ate an entire container in just two days--so much yum. 
  8. Rain. Lots of it. Not sure if I'm loving it all that much, but Ohio weather is so unpredictable. . .I guess July is making up for a dry April. 
  9. Progress on growing my hair out! Major score. I'll have to take some pics and post them after I get it trimmed.
  10. Lemon tea and owl mugs.
  11. Re-discovering my childhood "treasure box," and all the letters from a long-ago pen pal from Alaska. 
  12. My puppers, Belle. She looks like an adult dog now, never ceasing to make everyone "aww," and smile. 
  13. Making plans for after I return from Colorado. . .trusting God with my future. 

 What is inspiring you this summer? 


  1. Ed sherran has been filling the air of my office while working and ye, the every so gorgeousness of the freckled fox blog, plus her new baby who is a ginger is super darling. Yay!! Colorado. We are going to the first rodeo next week, so excited!! I have no idea what I am doing when I get home so when you get here we can help each other out!
    p.s. Colorado weather is unpredictable too...(of course you can always see it coming though) goes from bright sun, to rain, to sun, to rain, to major hard hail that you don't want to be caught in while hiking (speaking from experience, they sting and kill!)

    1. Mmmm, Ed Sheeran is just the best! There is so much raw feeling in his lyrics and voice. Love him. <3

      Ahh, yes, her baby is a ginger! Sooooo adorable. When I grow up I want to be perfect like The Freckled Fox. ;)

      I saw the pics from the rodeo. Coolness! I can hardly wait to get there (as if I haven't already said that 100+ times. :P Anna has been telling me about your emails, and they are super helpful, especially with packing. I am getting so excited it isn't even funny. Antsy that I have to wait two whole weeks longer than Anna!! Waaaaaa. ;) :P

      Love ya!