Life, it's a beautiful mess.

Its quiet, finally. Most of the family is out, and I am done with all my work for the day, so I'm basically chilling with Belle (my dog, for anyone who may not know.) How have you been spending your summer? Ok, so I guess its still technically spring, but it is totally summer in my mind! Its been an interesting mix of stress (because I'm human,) dealing with the stress, facing every day with the reminder that "God has this," and lots and lots of work on the house--which actually just went on the market two days ago. I can't stress (there's that word!) it enough when I say lots of work. Also graduation parties, prep for Colorado, and I'm in full event planning mode. Have to get everything finished by August. Ahhh!

Can you even imagine how quickly August (and working/adventuring at Wind River Ranch,) is coming? I'm getting more and more excited every day, especially since a friend of mine (who actually found out about WWR through my sister and I,) is already there, (soooo not fair! Happy for her, but I wanna be there tooo! :whining: ;) ) and posts pictures pretty frequently. I think--no, I know--its going to be an incredibly rewarding month. Not only is it a ministry that I back 100%, but I need a vacation. Working at a ranch in the mountains of Colorado? You betcha! I'm very interested in the Wounded Warrior Week (the last one of the summer, I believe,) that will be coming up while I'm out there. Also becoming an honorary cowgirl and making deep bonds with new people. All that, and God's opened the door for ministry--something I've been passionate about my entire life. I mean, when I was 4 I told my parents I wanted to be a missionary. . .and the dream just never went away.

No one said mission work must be overseas. Its a bit hard to realize sometimes, but God has even used the Ohio Summer Rendezvous as an outlet for ministry. Hard, meaning its the event I host, so all I see is a lot of work and making sure everything is up and running properly. Baby steps, right? I've seen Him move so much, just in the past week, as I plan and create and bombard people with all kinds of statistics. The reward is all the the happy smiles and continued (often online,) friendship that follow the event. Hey, if God can use my meager attempts to impact the lives of others, then I am the happiest girl in the world. :) I have all kinds of plans for expansion--little dream-clouds just bursting with ideas. . .

When I can stop and catch my breath, I've been pondering random bits things like, "once I get back from Colorado. . .how do I find a job. . .and get a car?" I put a few things on my 2015 resolution list that are happening at a snails pace. God's timing is perfect. Gotta keep that in mind. ;) Now I'm wondering what the purpose of this post is. Think of it as a chat over coffee. "Catching up," if you will.

I love those quiet, peaceful times. Like yesterday. The family went to the zoo. . .again. . .and mom and I ventured alone to see the elephants. They are in the coolest observation area--a building made to look like scenes in an Asian rain-forest--and we just chatted and shared gluten-free wafer chocolate thingies. They were good. The bonding time was priceless. I love driving just to drive, with no particular destination.Getting a message on facebook that says "I'm praying for you today." Making fried potatoes and eggs at 10:00PM  for my sisters. I love clean bedrooms. The happiness of a child when an adult takes the time to listen.  The ability to write and share bits of my heart on paper.  . .or a computer notepad. The wild, stressful, crazy, beautiful mess that is LIFE.

Embrace it.
The curve-balls.
The happy times.
The ones that scare you.
Take a moment,
To enjoy the day.
Because God is holding you.

Remember to live.


  1. Even though it's not "technically" summer yet, man, is it HOT. over 90* the past few days!! Loving the tan, summer dresses, and natural highlights in my hair, just not the humidity, haha ;) Love these random posts, by the way. I always try to write one up and it sounds lame, haha. So I'll just be content to read your random posts and comment. :)

    I totally get you on the job/car thing. Praying you find something! It's frustrating for sure. I'm learning that I just need to trust God on this one, take opportunities as they arrive, and keep praying. :) I'm so excited about some photography leads (paid and non-paid) and I'm praying that my dream of having a real, honest-to-goodness photography business will really happen.

    I can't wait to hear about your time in CO! I am praying/considering possibly doing this next year, not sure if it will work, but it sounds like such a wonderful and powerful opportunity to minister to others. Maybe we can set up a phone chat when you get back to talk about your time there. :)

    1. I am SO feeling you!! It's been incredibly hot and humid over here. Yuck. I much prefer early spring/fall over this kind of weather any day! I've been wearing the ugliest, most comfortable clothes I own, lol. I'd rather be cool at this point (as much as I'm able, ;) ) than stylish!

      Aw, well I'm glad you enjoyed it. I just felt like talking about life. . .and so I started talking. About life. :P I never really overthink my blog posts. If they naturally flow and sound alright, I post them. ;) I guess that's my secret? I don't know. But it works for me!

      Thanks, girly. Yes, trusting God is always a big deal! Things are just moving very slowly for me at this point. I have soooo many aspirations, ideas, plans. His timing is PERFECT. Hey, good work with your photography. I know that's a difficult field to get into. If Jesus wants you there, He'll find a way!

      I'm really, really excited about CO. Wish it was longer, but hey, I'll take what I can get! I'm pretty sure summer staff only goes up to age 24, so I guess I won't be able to go again next year. :( If I like it though, maybe there will be different staffing opportunities during the year. Anyway, its a really awesome ministry, and it looks absolutely beeeaaaaautiful up in the mountains from the pics I've seen!


  2. Can't wait for you to come out, you and Anna will enjoy it so much. Plus the staff is so encouraging/uplifting and flat out amazing!
    Ministry is greatly on my heart too, until God leads me to a specific one I am just working where He's got me whether that's family or WWR!
    Crazy how God works I found out about WWR and flew here within 5weeks. So happy to be back with my mountains. August can't come soon enough. I have been singing your praises especially when two of the homeschoolers started talking about wanting to see Beyond the Mask!

    Totally got you on the job and car thing! I'm there to, especially since my family moved to a whole new state where I know nobody (which through a friend I got my last job)....

    1. I CAN'T WAIT!! Been thinking about you, btw. Thanks so much for commenting. :) I think it's pretty cool that me, you, and Anna get to spend some quality time together. We'll be more like sisters by the time it's over! Anyway, totally on the same page with ministry. I've been praying so hard that God will show me exactly where He wants me to be and what He wants me to do. I have some ideas for when I get home, but I'm really looking for solid open doors. Timing, timing. ;)

      Awww really, people have been asking about BTM? That is so cool! Hey its in theaters now if anyone wants to see it. ;) Pretty awesome movie, if I do say so myself. ^_^

      Looking forward to SEEING YOU SOON!! Much love and hugs.*~