"I'm going on an adventure!"

Hello guys and dolls! Just a quickie note to say that I will not be around Blogdom for a month at least. Why, you ask? (Not that I post as frequently as I should anyway. Guilty. ;) ) Well my friends, as you may know, I was hired to work on a dude ranch in Colorado way back in April . .and it is finally TIME. I mean, its actually here. What I'm trying to say is--I'M LEAVING TOMORROW.

{a photo taken on the ranch by my super amazing, super sweet, (not to mention super talented,) friend Blythe.#officialWWRphotographer

My sister Anna has already been at Wind River for 2 weeks (and may I just add, the longest, most grueling, tedious, OHMYWORDICANTWAITANOTHERMINUTE 2 weeks of my life.) And I have been treated to (sometimes multiple,) daily reports on the absolute beauty of the place, the hard but deeply satisfying work, and most importantly, all the amazing people she works and lives with.

Tomorrow I get to meet them.


I have a long day of traveling--its what you get when you try and save money. And then after I arrive in Denver there's a long wait for the shuttle. So yeah. I won't be getting to the ranch until late in the evening. But I WILL get there, and by Monday, the adventure will start. Praising God and so amazed by His timing and perfect knowledge of what I need. When I need it. I am looking forward in the biggest way possible to being changed, refined, and uplifted. All while hopefully (prayerfully!) giving back to others in a small way. Let me tell you, its been a frantic 2 weeks of finishing up all the details for the homeschool reunion I host each year. . .on top of shopping, washing alllll my clothes, packing, list making, etc, etc. Not a moments rest. Pretty much how I like it. Usually. Except for when I need to stop and watch a show. And drink tea. Or something like that.

So my bloggie friends, I will not be seeing you for some time. Thanks for being so faithful, and if you think of it, pray for me while I'm away. I'm just a little bit excited for this opportunity. And yes. There will be pictures, later on.

Love and hugs!



  1. This sounds so exciting! I'm so happy for you. :) Have fun!

  2. Hope your time is wondrous!!!!

  3. I know that you won't be back to blogging for a little while, but I just wanted to let you know, after stumbling onto this blog, I've become you're newest follower! I'm excited to see what you'll write when you come back:)