Little girl, big world.

"Here I am. This is me. There's no where else on earth I'd rather be."

I'm sitting on my bed in my new room in my new house in a new State. And its one of the most surreal feelings ever. I'll admit, the first few days were pretty terrifying, especially when I found out my good friend and roommate was leaving for the holiday. . .and I'd be in the house. Alone. But I've made it through, and survival is what its all about, right? I've pushed myself when I just felt like breaking down from the loneliness, being by myself in a strange home, meeting and interacting with co-workers, finding my way (and getting lost, but that isn't a surprise, ;) ) around the museum, and separation from my family. I mean, I've spent lots of time away from them before, but this is my first real adventure completely on my own. I've got to say, all the anxiety aside, I'm pretty proud of myself. Oh, and have I mentioned how good God is? He has shown His Providence throughout this journey again. . .and again. . .and again. I am fully, 100% confident that this is where He wants me. Pretty crazy cool, if I do say so myself. :)

So while I'm updating, let me tell you about my adorable, cozy-brick house. On Sunday I spent all day moving my stuff (literally, pretty much everything I own in the world,) into the master suit upstairs. Literally, its like having my very own studio apartment, with hardwood flooring, my bed in one corner (with the beautiful white comforter I got for my birthday last year,) a huge bathroom, and a walk-in closet. What more could a girl ask for? As soon as I got off of work today I took a shower, microwaved some leftover gluten free (its all about the details,) mac & cheese and chicken tenders, got on my comfy pj's, and settled in for an evening in my little sanctuary. Single-girl-just-moved-out-and-loving-the-independent-life essentials include my Disney animals adult coloring book, my stuffed animals (because even 25 year olds need them,) journal, tablet & laptop, nail polish, a book, (just in case I run out of things to do,) and my Bible. Honestly its really weird, keeping my own schedule, eating whenever I want, etc. . .but now that I'm feeling more settled in, I'm totally loving it.

I mean, tonight I did a load of laundry. My laundry. In my laundry machine. Incredible. :P I filled the dishwasher. I showered in my very own bathroom. I even dragged a cupboard no one was using into my nook so I have extra storage space. Its all about atmosphere to me, and with some of my decorations from my room back home (like my turquoise ceramic bird and Audrey Hepburn poster,) and string lights. . .which I have yet to put up. . .I'm creating a private haven. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and a friend invited me over, but until then I get to sleep in and just enjoy it all.

If you've never been to the Creation Museum, I can now say first hand how amazing it is. Funny to think I'm working at a place I'd never actually visited until this past Sunday. I keep thinking about Night At The Museum and the Smithsonian and how much I just love stuff like that (guess that makes me a geek,) and then I remember I'm actually working for a museum. . .but not just any museum. Answers in Genesis has been a big part of my life since my parents first read A Is For Adam to me as a kid. Its super cool to represent a ministry that upholds such strong Biblical values. Also I really love working in the cafe. The work is very easy, but the atmosphere is pleasant, very laid back, like a big family. I'm praying they keep me on through the winter, as I'm only seasonal staff at this point. The projection for next year's ventures is: work at the museum until I head back out to Wind River, go to Thailand for a month, then go back to the ranch for the rest of the summer. God might have a different plan, but it helps me a lot of have a long term goal in mind.

So friends, that is a little update on-life-in-the-now. I honestly could ramble on about my house and room forever, but I'll spare you any more detail. I hope I can encourage you today to spread your wings and take the bull by the horns. . .God has a plan for each of us, and like I've been reiterating again and again on my blog, sometimes its up to us to take that first step.

  Adventure is out there. 🙘 


  1. This post is so lovely! I definitely hope you will share pictures of your new space soon! It is so fun having a place of your own.

    Much love as you start this new adventure!

  2. I'm loving following along on your adventures. Thank you for sharing them with us. :)

    And you are encouraging me to spread my wings.