Those magic changes.

Guys. My application was accepted by Real Impact Missions. Do you know what that means?? Yep, this gal is going to Thailand next year! I'll talk more about how you can help me raise the funds for my trip at the end of this post. Lately I've been SO busy "adulting," (see my post 10 Tips For Sanity When Life Is Insane,) that I've had to remind myself to stop and take a break once and awhile. So I've decided to share some thoughts on autumn and just life in general. Also the daily routine I've fallen into since getting back from Colorado. It looks something like this. 🙔

🙙 Wake up, surf Facebook, Instagram, and (usually,) Youtube for awhile. Probably longer than I should. . .trying to cut down my intake. It seems to be a forever challenge. I miss the limited WiFi at the ranch. What do you to "unplug" and get offline? 

🙑 Make my bed, and quickly straighten my room, if I hadn't done it before going to bed the night before. After living with 2-4 other girls in a room all summer, (love them, but there is nothing like having my own room back!) I've really been taking the time to keep my personal space neat and tidy. Which includes picking up all the clothes from my floor. . .every day. My friends would be shocked. Actually, if their reading this, they probably don't believe me. ;) 

🙙 Start moving. Now that I don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn to shovel manure, I've gotten back into a strict workout routine. I didn't get a chance to work out for 5 months, and it shows. Even though I was working hard every day for 12 hours or more, I ate whatever I wanted and stopped caring about my figure. Now, obviously body image isn't everything, but when all your jeans are way too tight, something must be done. At least for me. :) My favorite workouts are always dancing, thought lately I haven't found many that I like. I'm super awkward and uncoordinated when I'm learning choreography. But I've been learning so much about dancing, and am getting a good workout while I'm at it! Right now my favorite fitness videos are by Danielle Peazer, who also has makeup tutorials and a British accent for added motivation. ;) Check her out. Most of her vids are no more than 7 minutes long, so you can do one quick, efficient workout, or combine several videos for more intensity.   

🙑 Shower. Super important after a hard workout. There is something so satisfying about working up a good sweat and them jumping into a lukewarm shower. 

🙙 Turn up the jams! Throughout the day, of course. :) This week I'm all about Broadway (again. Can't get enough of Matthew Morrison and Aaron Tveit these days, Grease LIVE! and Finding Neverland,) and upbeat, dancy music.   

🙑 Make a cup of tea. There is nothing as atmospheric as a good, hot drink. I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it. :) Since I've had to give up coffee I've tried liking tea. . .and I think its finally starting to happen. Chai and green tea are my go-to's. And you know how much I love a good candle. Together, and life is divine. 

🙙 Messy buns are life. Literally. I've been throwing my hair up in the easiest bun possible. . .wish I would have discovered it during the summer when I rolled out of bed 15 minutes before I needed to be at the barn. :P Anyway, its just a regular high pony tail, but instead of pulling it through all the way, I take the loop and flatten it out into a bun shape, then pin. Afterward you can pull it and puff it out until its the shape and has the amount of messiness that you like. Life saving hairstyle!

🙑 Binge watch a show. In the evening when everything is done, (aka, preparing to move out in two weeks. . .have I mentioned that I still need to get my car fixed and raise $3,500 for Thailand, on top of countless other things? This adult stuff is so much fun, :P ) I've been chilling with Full House. Its the best, guys.

 ðŸ™™ Oh yes, and since I have so much extra time, (note the sarcasm,) I've been working on my novel. Attempted to start NaNoWriMo, but that lasted about a day. Its a Sci-Fi/Dystopian/thriller titled Peirasmos, or "Trial" in Greek. He is a droid, "born" in a laboratory with strangely human emotions. A stretch from my usual genre, but a lot of fun so far.  

And that's about it! These are just a few of the habits I've fallen into this month. Do you have a daily routine?? 

Oh yeah, and before I forget. If you'd like to read more about my trip to Thailand or help me financially, check out my Go Fund Me and RIM profiles! (if you choose to support me directly through Real Impact Missions, your donation will be tax deductible.) Even the smallest amount makes a huge difference. While in Thailand I'll get to work directly with victims of the sex trafficking industry, something that has been heavy on my heart this summer. Jesus is so, so good. He has answered my prayer! I've decided to go out of my comfort zone and pursue my deepest passion. And that overwhelming feeling that I NEED to go, that He wants me to go. I have no doubt that Thailand is where I am called. Lord willing, July 2017, I will head to Asia to change the lives of women in crisis. I honestly can't comprehend it. 

At this time, I need to raise $850 by December 1st for the first installment of the trip. Would you help me reach my deadline? Your interest in financially helping me is a bigger blessing than you know! In return I'd love to provide updates/blog posts on my trip. Above all, I covet your prayers. God is alive, He is REAL, and He is moving! 🙗

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