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I'm at my happy-blogging-spot, aka the local coffee shop. Sitting here looking out at a rather busy day, but allowing myself to slow down and just vibe into it all. Perfect atmosphere for writing, especially with alternative-pop in my ears, beautiful historic buildings through the window where I sit, my small-town world bustling through its day. Plus I have kombucha and just got my hair trimmed after 5 months, so life is extra-good. ;)

Feeling very spring-y and girly today, so I think I'm going to talk about some of my favorites for the season, and maybe pass on some spring-inspo to you! Ohhhh and before I continue, guess what Jesus did? He provided me with a car! I know you all must be sick of hearing about my vehicle-woes. Its literally been YEARS, and honestly I've despaired of every having my freedom. :P Anyway, long story short...my grandparents heard about my troubles and bought me a beautiful little bright-blue Dodge Caliber. I've already taken it on a lunch date, and out on the town running errands. ;) Every time I get in the car...MY CAR...I either start crying from sheer joy/shock, or drive around in this sort of elated haze. Like seriously, is this even real? Yeah we serve a kinda-very- awesome God, and He always, always comes through.

Having a car now enables me to do what I've been planning every since getting home...move back to KY, or at the very least move out of my parents home. That was my goal, and I've given myself a time frame. So far I'm still on schedule! All that said, prayers would be much appreciated as I grapple through whatever the next step is. :)

Ok, on the the actual subject of this post 🌹
🌹Universal Threads, Target

Ok so I feel a little bad starting this list off with clothing, but I HAVE to give a huge shout-out to Target on there beautiful new line! I say I feel bad because after spending three weeks in a third-world country you realize how petty and insignificant material pleasures are. I know, I know, its sounds super cliche. I thought so too until I actually experienced it, and I remember feeling really guilty when I came back to the States and went shopping for the first time. It wasn't difficult getting sucked back into the "basic white girl" vibe, but instead of feeling bad I suppose I'm grateful for the privileges God has given me in the US. Even though I enjoy those things, it all comes down to moderation and perspective.

Anway, yes...Universal Threads. Love love love love LOVE everything in Target's new clothing line so much! Seriously every time I walk into the store--which is frequently since its literally only five minutes from my house...I could walk--I end up coming out with some random clothing item I really don't need. :P Like the super soft, super flattering t-shirt I bought today (because I will always love the basic tee and jeans look,) that says "avocado-holic." I mean really? How cute is that? I'm so happy to see very feminine and pretty designs/patterns at reasonable prices, plus the quality is amazing! Just feeling the fabric you can sense the difference in the make, cut, and fit of each piece. Plus I'm pretty much gone when it comes to anything pastel or floral.

🌹Embracing the inner YOU

I wrote another post that will be coming out soon about empowering godly womanhood (the "new" theme of this blog, and definitely a huge part of the in-the-works-Wordpress space!) I think a huge part of becoming who we are meant to be as women is embracing ourselves for who we are. That might sound like another cliche, (my cliche game is going strong today, so it would seem, :P ) but I believe this with my whole heart. Becoming confident in our bodies not only makes us feel better about ourselves, it makes us more attractive to others. For ie, I've been trying to tame my sometimes-almost-straight-but-actually-really-wavy hair for YEARS now...and last night you know what I did? I just let it go. I scrunched the heck out of it and liberated the waves...and I love it. When you stop worrying so much about what society thinks, your entire outlook will change.

🌹Change your food-relationship

Because it IS a relationship. Are you eating foods that make you feel bad about your body? I'm not talking about dieting or losing weight. I'm talking about taking care of YOU. That's why I'm such a huge advocate of the Whole30 lifestyle. I know for certain that if I put that giant chocolate chip cookie into my stomach and wash it down with a tall glass of milk I'm going to feel sick for days...maybe weeks. Changing your eating habits might sound daunting, especially if you go cold turkey (best way, if you ask me,) or don't have a support-partner. But once you start seeing results, you'll thank me. Just kidding, but seriously. ;) For example, your pants might start fitting better...might start losing some of that extra winter "fluff." Not because you need to lose weight, but because eating real, whole foods helps reduce water retention and bloating. Don't forget to drink at least 8 cups of water a day! Like real food, proper hydration is essential for a healthy mind and glowing complexion. Less breakouts? Sign me up. 

🌹 Hit up the gym

I  said it, and I'll say it again--GO TO THE GYM! I trying making it to the local rec center at least once a week, while keeping up with my regular at home workouts. Again, this isn't about having a perfect body. But like healthy eating, part of that lifestyle is caring for our bodies, and working out, even if its just running on a treadmill for a couple miles...has so many benefits. Also an incredible stress reliever, especially if you've been cooped up in the house all winter!

🌹 Create a new playlist

Spring calls for new tunes. I tend to over-play my favorite music, and get sick of it after a few months. When I'm in my car I listen to worship music. When I'm driving with my sisters its usually something upbeat. When I blog its alternative/indie. Right now my current music picks are:
  1. The Black and White, The Band Comino
  2. Wilderness, Jon Bryant
  3. Poison and Wine, The Civil Wars
  4. Adore, Dean Lewis
  5. Lights Down Low, Maxx
  6. Feel It Still, Portugal. The Man
  7. Rewrite the Stars, The Greatest Showman 
  8. 1000 Nights, Frenship
  9. Female, Keith Urban
  10. Loco, Enrique Iglesias 
  11. Sing  Loud, Alpha Rev

And that's it for now! A bit burned out...I've been writing/editing for almost three hours...but I hope you enjoy this little list! Make sure to leave a comment about what's inspiring you this spring🌹

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  1. Oh, can't wait to read your post on empowering godly womanhood. I just finished a whole 30 a few weeks ago and now I'm trying to figure out my food freedom. I feel better eating real food but it's hard when family/friends are eating unhealthy food.