the bloggy itch = lots of sentimental junk

You should see my bedroom right now...literally, there are piles of clothes all over the floor. And I'm talking PILES. But I'm tired, and I slept in until almost 10:00 AM, which I never, ever do...and so maybe its ok to pamper myself a little bit today and just take it easy. So that's exactly what I'm doing. Made a cup of tea, threw on an oversized hoodie, took a brush to my hair, and decided to scootch myself downstairs and at the computer to write. All the adulting stuff can come later. ;)

Since I've been feeling rather dry in the writing department, I'm just going to be super candid and update you all on my life. I feel like I haven't really done that since getting back from my summer adventures...just glimpses here and there, but not a solid update. So here goes.

Its February (duh, which you know if you are paying attention to the calendar, ;P ) annnnd lets just say this...I never expected to still be at home. I am in no wise complaining because I'm realizing more and more--especially now with the beautiful spring-ish weather that's hitting Ohio!--how GOOD it actually is. I have a warm place to sleep, a family that loves me, good food. However, I still have the itch to get back to my own place, namely Kentucky. Man, I miss it there so, so much. Plus this is the time of year where I am usually working HARD to get everything packed and personal things buttoned up and whatnot for my summer in Colorado...and this is the first time in three years I won't be going back to the ranch. If you've followed me either here or my old blog for any period of time you know about my love for Wind River Ranch, my summer home from 2015-17. It wasn't all fun and games, we worked hella hard, but every last minute of service was WORTH IT and made me grow...literally stretched me to the core.

So yes, there is some sadness and sentiment on that count, as flashbacks of my time in CO come more frequently, and I miss certain things vividly...like the way the sky looked all fired up before setting behind the mountain. Climbing the mudslide with my dear friend Katie at dusk. Sitting in the horse pasture with my best girl Charity, just talking about life. All the tears and laughter and late-into-the-night conversations. I miss it all. Especially the summer of 2016, that changed how I view the world and life and jumping out of comfort zones and into the real world (whew, run on sentence much? ;) ) Beautiful life, beautiful times, beautiful Jesus for giving me these memories. It gives me hope that if something could impact me so deeply, there must be so many more adventures in the making.

Then Kentucky. My soul home. Quite literally. I felt when I moved to KY not only an independence I'd never before experienced but also a peace that wrapped me in its arms and welcomed me in a way nowhere else has. My little brick house with its sprawling yard and horses next door, where I could spread a blanket under one of the big oak trees and read for hours. My roommates and best friends that I got to do life with. Gosh, I miss those girls! Sarah, Nikki, Mary...who didn't actually live with us but basically did. ;) The "brothers" who were always available to answer my guy questions or just hang out for a dinner of Chic Fila. It was a whirlwind of everything I always imagined a real community would be...and then it was over.

Now I'm home. It hasn't been exactly what I expected and it definitely hasn't run at the pace I wanted. But like I say in almost every.single.blog post...God's timeline rarely coincides with ours. For example, my biggest goal has been to get my car fixed and get my tush back to KY. Well, the car issue still remains and I am still without a working vehicle. It's coming slowly, but my deadline of May is getting closer, and I've accepted the fact that I might be here just a little longer...and its GOOD. Where else do I have the worlds cutest pooch (my sweet Belle!) to cuddle with at night?  Answers the question right there...home is where the heart is. #cheesycliquesareok #isoundlikeahallmarkmovie

I've spent a ton of time job hunting and "trying" out different jobs that really didn't fit what I needed financially. Starbucks lasted a month, and as I explained before I didn't hesitate to quit. Its like I woke up one morning and God was ASKING me to.  A couple weeks later I landed a part-time nanny job ACROSS THE STREET from my parent's house, so I can just walk to work, which totally solves the current car issue. What even. God is so good. The boys I sit for are little boogers, and I'm learning to work with parents that are always home and hesitant to hand over authority to me. But I AM working on it, and rather enjoy the challenge. I'll make the little monsters respect and LOVE me! lol Remember my word for 2018, Fierce? It continues to be my motivation.

I've been basically gone for three years, so something else I'm working toward is building up a community in my area. All of my close friends live out of State, and I don't know why exactly, but if you don't already have a friend-group in the Midwest, it's very difficult to fall into one--has anyone else noticed that? Jesus has provided a lot of opportunities with churches in the area, and my sister Anna and I are visiting two that are super giving and have active communities. All that to say, we are ALWAYS BUSY.  Small group, movie nights, spontaneous breakfasts, swing dances, lunch in cute little towns. I'm also treasuring time with my sisters since I may not see them as often when I move away. We are all so different and everyone but the youngest (who is finishing up high school,) are working, so our lives are spread in a million directions...but we always gather in the evenings for Netflix or just to talk.

Netflix, Netflix. It sounds bad, but while I was job hunting I spent a lot of time TV show binging. :P Oh gosh, I just admitted that. But I'm not really even sorry, because I've always loved TV/movies, and I always will, haha. In fact, I'm currently working through the highly addictive 'Gran Hotel,' an English-sub Spanish period drama that is very slightly like Downton Abbey (in time period/costumes, at least,) and a whole lot of mystery and intrigue and murder, lol. Its soapy at times but also so well done that I forget I'm reading subtitles. Plus I've picked up some Spanish, which is kind of fun and very random. ;) But anyway...if you read this and check it out, let me know in the comments!

Oh and hey how about dem Olympics? Watched figure skating like my life depended on it, and again I'm not sorry because for a while there it felt like an actual eternal winter and I was just going to curl up in a hole and sleep until the sun came out again. :P For real though. I'm not sure if I forgot what an Ohio winter was like, but this one was BRUTAL. I hate, hate, hate snow and being cold, so basically, I lived my worst nightmare. :P Seasonal depression is REAL, folks. Now the sun is peaking out a little longer every day and I can trade my icky big coat for sweatshirts and cardigans, and actually wear my fav boyfriend jeans with the rips and not freeze my legs off...and I am haaappppyyyy!! Yes I know I always gush about springtime, but for realz. If the world waking from dead winter into a beautiful, lush wonderland of sunshine and birdsong isn't symbolism from God, I don't know what is. ;) I think with just the right amount of spring sunshine and warmth and maybe a flower or two, I could rule the world. Or at least...go out there and conquer some dreams.

I'm not sure this was an update so much as a sentimental junk, but like I said, my brain has had serious writer's block and I popped out of bed this morning feeling the bloggy itch. I'd say I'm in a very different place in my life this year but it isn't bad because I'm still being stretched...just not exactly in the direction I thought. Looking back over the last few months I see a lot of challenges, but the awesome part is that the light is so much bigger and brighter once reached! Hello to fresh awakenings and days with no mistakes in them...yet.

Let's connect! Leave me a comment or send me a message, and I'll be sure to respond. I love hearing from you all and what God is doing in your lives. :)


  1. It's so good to hear "sentimental junk" from you again Michaela :-) Keep being amazing and beautiful you.

    1. EMMMA!!! I love you so much. Oh my gosh I miss you its not even FUNNY. :( ;)

  2. Once again, as always, your blog made my day!:) It's always such an encouragement and inspiration to read!:) And there are times you write EXACTLY what I need to hear!:) And besides that you just have such a fun, creative way of writing!!:) God bless you!!❤

    1. So, so happy, Rachel! Thank you for being such a sweet encourager and faithful reader!